Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey Davidson is in his first year of service at the Academy. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waterloo in a multidisciplinary program in which he completed course work in Geography, Recreation and Leisure Studies in the park management stream, and Environmental Studies. His volunteer work with special populations led him into teaching almost as an afterthought. He earned a Master of Education from Western University specializing in the field of A/r/tography and was a speaker at the 5th Annual Symposium of Graduate Research in 2014. Over a diverse career, he has worked with every educational age group including stints in childcare, archivist work, and Autism behavioural support. For the past 15 years, he has worked primarily with secondary students teaching courses in English, art, learning studies, and the humanities. It is in this capacity that he has joined Robert Land Academy teaching the senior students in C Company humanities courses such as grade 12 World Issues and grade 11 Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.

Outside of school, Jeffrey can be found either outdoors hiking, cycling, or kayaking, or alternatively, in his studio writing or making art. He is the author of three books: a crime novella, Email from Freak: the transcripts as compiled by Halberd James Poel; a non-fiction work in Daoist poetry, Flowing in the Way; and, a collection of short stories about a group of friends in senior year, The Society of Dystopian Cliches. He is a practicing visual artist currently working in assemblage and textiles and a former member of art councils or boards in Kitchener, Windsor, London, Brampton, and Grimsby. But, you’re most likely to engage him in conversation if you follow the world of professional cycling or international soccer.

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