Grade 5-8 Program

Structured, Engaging And
Distraction-Free Community

If the unique needs of your son are not being met by mainstream educational and therapeutic methods, consider a proven alternative that can get him back on track. Robert Land Academy – a military-inspired boys’ boarding school that provides a structured, an engaging and distraction-free community that engenders a positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement.

The program for juniors at Robert Land Academy is intended to address these issues and prevent smart boys from outsmarting themselves. By providing a program specifically meeting boys’ needs and taking into account what is required to involve them in their own education, latent abilities and potential can be actualized rather than wasted. A firm foundation can be established for future success.

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A-Company Program Overview

Why Robert Land Academy?

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Improved Grades

We have small classes and give personal academic support to each student. The vast majority of students realize a dramatic increase in their first semester of enrolment.

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Improved Health

Three healthy meals every day,
daily exercise, and 8 hours of sleep.

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Improved Attitude

Structured and engaging activities, happier and the feeling of being included.

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In addition to addressing boys’ academic challenges, Robert Land Academy provides a structured learning and living environment that focuses on:
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Improved Social Interaction Skills
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Better Organization Skills
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Time Management Awareness
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Self Discipline And Self Control

Does This Sound Like Your Son?

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Energetic/Video Games

He’s brilliant at video games, but can’t focus enough to do well at school. He is energetic, inquiring, testing authority and limits. (These are positive traits if properly directed.)

Distracted and Interrupts

He tends to have trouble working cooperatively with others, he blurts out answers or constantly interrupts. He has difficulty staying on task, constantly fidgets and is easily distracted.

RLA - Running Green
Rushes and Concentration

He has difficulty concentrating on things that do not interest him. He rushes through work with little attention to detail.

RLA - Triangle
RLA - Triangle

Robert Land Academy Is The Solution That Uses A Proven Model And Has Proven Results

The impacts on you and your family are immense.

The failure of the conventional system puts undue burdens on you making it impossible for you to balance the demands of work, family, and daily routine. RLA provides a full-time environment that supports the family life you want to have with your son when he is home.

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