Why RLA?

Why RLA?

  • The vast majority of students experience a dramatic improvement in their academic performance and success within the first semester.
  • Students in modified academic programs are re-streamed to expand post-secondary options.
  • Over the past decade, 100% of the graduating class who have applied have been accepted to a university or college
A Video Overview of the Program
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Learn how Robert Land Academy’s values-based philosophy fosters and promotes development in the following areas

Character Development

Instills moral and ethical principles

Positive Social Relationships

Fosters and promotes positive social relationship development

Community Service to Others

Cultivates a sense of purpose and community

Integrity and Accountability

Emphasizes honesty, integrity, and accountability

Emotional Intelligence

Develops self-awareness and emotional regulation

Teamwork and Peer Relationships

Encourages and builds collaboration, camaraderie, and belonging

Leadership Development

Provides practical training and experience in leadership

Discipline and Work Ethic

Instills discipline and strong work ethic

Physical and Mental Resiliency

Prioritizes physical fitness and mental well-being

Personal Growth & Development

Supports individual growth and develops self-concept

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Key Points

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Robert Land Academy has over 40 years of success working with boys to realize their potential and gain admission to post-secondary programs. Our program has a proven track record in providing benefits for boys diagnosed with or exhibiting characteristics of ADD/ADHD/ODD/NLD/NVLD and other Learning Disabilities, as well as for those boys who merely benefit from a structured distraction-free environment.

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Academic Remediation

We provide a structured private boarding school program with an emphasis on academic remediation, university admission and the development of the self-care, self-discipline, and self-direction required for successful adulthood. Our rural location is removed from the distractions of an urban setting. We provide a distraction-free environment with no cell phones, computer games, personal laptops, personal computer access, and social media.

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Healthy Living

Robert Land Academy offers a physical activity program that promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal growth. Team sports promote social skills and the development of team work.
Nutritionally balanced and healthy meals are provided. An emphasis on regular self-care and routine.

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involves a bond with others in which their interests are held to be as important as our own.

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involves sustained intense effort and is fundamental to success in all walks of life.


involves the ability to rise above personal fear and anxiety to meet challenges and confront difficulties.

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involves a fixed, sustained and consistent adherence to the realization of an objective or person.

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involves the maintenance of personal values regardless of immediate advantage, gain or convenience.

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