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An Investment In Your Child’s Future

Investing in Robert Land Academy isn’t just a financial decision;

It’s a transformative step towards your child’s future success. At RLA, we offer more than just academic excellence; we provide a holistic educational experience grounded in military values. Our program is designed to unlock the full potential of each student, fostering discipline, leadership, and resilience. Graduates leave not only with superior academic achievements but also with life skills that set them apart in college and beyond. Your investment here ensures your child gains a competitive edge, shaping them into confident, capable, and well-rounded individuals ready to excel in all walks of life.

Parents testimonials
RLA - Triangle

``An amazing environment for young men aimed at challenging their limits and unlocking their full potential. To achieve these successes, the Academy takes the best practices of military culture and combines it with a supportive environment and personalized attention. The education received is well rounded, not merely academic, but social and emotional as well.``

An amazing environment for young men
Paul VAlumni

``Very professional and caring staff and teachers. They really work with every student to help them realize their full potential. It is such a great change from the public system in the Greater Toronto Area. Finally a place where my child is safe, encouraged to develop a good work ethic and building confidence based on truly earned rewards.``

Very professional and caring staff
Karen RParent

``My son is currently in his third year at this school. It's awesome. So glad we found this place! Lots of discipline, lots of structure for sure. But what I appreciate even more is the genuine care and concern for my boy that I sense from all the teachers and staff whenever I speak to them. They know boys, and they are passionate about seeing boys develop and mature well.

Genuine care and concern for my boy
Karl TParent

``My wife and I have had the pleasure of sending all four of our boys to Robert Land Academy. All of our boys did very well at RLA; they adopted superb study skills and work ethics, and they all left with outstanding grades. They are well-mannered, strong-minded, confident young men. We highly recommend this school to all those looking to develop an excellent foundation for their sons.``

They adopted superb study skills and work ethics
Kenny JParent

``My son attends Robert Land Academy. I've never seen him work so hard and be so proud of himself for his accomplishments. He needs the structure, focus, and attention that we struggled to give him.``

I've never seen him work so hard
Paul B.Parent

Enriching Futures: The Lifelong Impact of a Robert Land Academy Education

Character Development

Instills moral and ethical principles

Positive Social Relationships

Fosters and promotes positive social relationship development

Physical and Mental Resiliency

Prioritizes physical fitness and mental well-being

Integrity and Accountability

Emphasizes honesty, integrity, and accountability

Emotional Intelligence

Develops self-awareness and emotional regulation

RLA - Triangle

2024 Second Semester Fee

Tuition & Boarding (5-month boarding program Feb to Jun) $38,400
Registration Fee $3,000
International Student Fee (Non Canadian & Non US)* $4,000
Health Insurance (approx) $500
Tuck Account Deposit $2,500
March Break Program (optional and where applicable) $1,500
Admissions Interview $250

RLA School Fees 2024-2025

Tuition & Boarding (10-month boarding program Sep to Jun) $64,000
Registration Fee $3,000
International Student Fee (Non Canadian & Non US)* $8,000
Health Insurance (approx) $500
Tuck Account Deposit $2,500
March Break Program (optional and where applicable) $1,500
Admissions Interview $250

The Academy welcomes all inquiries and will be happy to arrange an appointment for an admissions interview or a campus tour.

For further information, please call our Admissions Office at 905-386-6205.

Additional Information

All fees are in Canadian Currency. Check this currency converter

Please be informed that a slight adjustment of up to 0.05 points may apply to currency conversions to cover administrative expenses and bank fees

The International Student Fee:

A domestic student is defined as a student who currently holds valid Canadian or US citizenship and whose parents have a Canadian or US bank account.  A student holding a current Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card at the time of registration will be considered a domestic student if their parent or legal guardian is living in Canada. A student who does not meet these criteria is considered to be an International Student and must follow the fee structure outlined for International Students.

Fees Above Include:

Tuition, room and board during academic terms, textbooks and most course materials, curriculum and athletic team-related trips, personal laundry, sheets and bedding laundry. Some school uniform items are on temporary loan to the student and are returned at the end of the school year.

Fees do not include:

Academic supplies, school uniforms (other than those previously listed), transportation costs (to and from the Academy for leaves, holidays, the start of term and end of term, specialist appointments), counselling fees, some extracurricular trips and activities, dry cleaning and all personal discretionary charges (haircuts, long-distance calls, school photographs, yearbook, etc.). A mandatory tuck account deposit of $2,500 to cover these expenses and for discretionary spending throughout the year is required.

Payment Options:

Robert Land Academy offers a number of payment plan options. For further details or to obtain a copy of our School Fee Guide please contact the Academy.

Medical Insurance:

All international students (including US students) or other students who do not have medical insurance coverage through a Canadian Province must purchase student medical insurance offered through the Academy.

Frequently Asked Question:

Are tuition payments tax deductible?: Under certain conditions, Canadian tax law may provide tax relief for certain individuals.


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Enrolment at Robert Land Academy is a sound investment in your son’s future, helping him to work toward his potential by focusing on his strengths while he develops self-confidence and self-discipline.

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