Drew Rebek

2Lt Rebek – English, History, and Civics Instructor

2Lt, set to become Lieutenant Rebek in January, is a newer addition to the staff at Robert Land Academy. He holds a degree from Brock University and has several years of teaching experience in South Korea and China. His teaching expertise includes English, History, and Civics.

In addition to his academic role, 2Lt Rebek is actively involved in extracurricular activities at RLA. He teaches grappling, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, focusing on building students’ skills, discipline, and teamwork. Additionally, he shares his interest in music with students, offering another avenue for engagement and personal growth.

2Lt Rebek’s diverse teaching background and his commitment to both academic and extracurricular development contribute significantly to the learning environment at Robert Land Academy. His role extends beyond traditional teaching, encompassing mentorship and support to help students succeed in various aspects of their education.

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