Why the Military Model

Why the Military Model?

  • We use a military model to offer a highly structured program. This approach fosters accountability, responsibility, and self-control, helping students shape their own futures.
  • Our focus extends beyond academic excellence to encompass the development of mind, body, and character. We aim to empower each student to realize their full potential.
  • The Academy combines intellectual and physical challenges with continuous training and support. This blend encourages self-confidence and self-worth in our students.
A Video to Explain the Military Model

The Benefits Of A Military Model

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Provides consistency in the application of rules and roles

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Promotes physical fitness

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Openly encourages and recognizes effort and achievement

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Provides incentives through promotion of rank to formally, recognize behaviour and attitude

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Provides a template for self-care, routine and better mental health

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Provides opportunities for teamwork and leadership

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Promotes team building and getting along with others

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Underscores the discipline and effort required for academic success

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Our Academy, Our Program

Values-Based Education: Fostering Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience

Disciplined, Structured Environment:

  • Clear Boundaries and Uniform Standards:
    • The school maintains a disciplined and structured environment, emphasizing the importance of order and adherence to rules.
    • Clear boundaries are established, creating a sense of security and predictability for the students.
    • Uniform standards are not merely a dress code but create a predictable framework for success and serve as a symbol of unity, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Values-Based Environment:

  • Responsibility and Accountability as Pillars:
    • The school operates on a values-based system centred on responsibility and accountability.
    • Moral and ethical values are seamlessly integrated into the environment, establishing a culture that prioritizes responsibility and accountability.
    • By incorporating these values into everyday life, the school aims to nurture responsible individuals who understand the weight of their actions.

Promoting Effort:

  • Recognition of Diligent Effort:
    • Within the military-inspired model, there is a deliberate effort to promote a culture that values and recognizes diligent effort as a cornerstone of success.
    • Students are taught that success is not solely reliant on innate abilities; instead, consistent effort and dedication are emphasized as key contributors.
    • The system of rewards serves as a powerful tool, reinforcing the notion that effort and achievement are intertwined and crucial for personal and collective growth.

Cultivating a Culture of Achievement:

  • Celebrating Success at Individual and Collective Levels:
    • The military-inspired model actively fosters a culture of achievement by encouraging students to take initiative and set high standards for themselves.
    • Through acknowledging achievements, students develop a positive mindset, understanding that their contributions matter and play a vital role in the shared success of the community.
    • This culture of achievement becomes a driving force, inspiring students not only to excel for personal growth but also for the betterment of the entire school community.

Unlock Potential

The purpose of the program is to help boys to help themselves to become the best that they can be whether this is in the context of preparing to do an assignment in mathematics or practicing for the upcoming basketball game. Our goal is to stimulate the growth of a sense of responsibility and self-determination and by so doing prepare each boy for a fulfilled, productive, and happy adulthood.

The Benefits of a Structured Program

  1. Predictability and Stability:
    • The structured nature of a military-inspired boarding school provides a predictable and stable framework for student success. Regular schedules, clear expectations, and consistent routines contribute to a sense of security. This stability can be particularly beneficial for students who may thrive in environments with a clear and predictable structure, aiding in emotional well-being and a conducive learning atmosphere.
  2. Discipline and Structure:
    • This environment helps instill a sense of order and responsibility in students through a structured daily routine, teaching them the importance of following rules and adhering to schedules.
  3. Academic Focus:
    • The structured environment provides a focused and dedicated atmosphere for academic pursuits. With designated study times and a culture that values education, students are more likely to develop strong study habits and excel academically.
  4. Healthy, Active Living:
    • Our program incorporates physical fitness and activity into daily routines. This focus on a healthy lifestyle promotes physical well-being, strengthens mental health, and develops a student’s self-concept and confidence.
  5. Time Management:
    • The structured schedules and rigorous routines teach students how to manage their time effectively. This transferrable skill is crucial to help students become more organized and efficient in their tasks.
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