Unlock Your Son's Potential

At Robert Land Academy, we use the military-model to provide a holistic education. We aim to inspire students to reach their academic, physical, and moral potential.
Accepting admissions for September 2024.


Unlock Your Son's Potential

Accepting all admissions for Semester Two and September 2024. 


About Us

Robert Land Academy is a Private Boys Military-Inspired School in Ontario, Canada.

”Robert Land Academy instilled the values of hard work, respect and perseverance in our son.”

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Student with his graduation certificate

``In Robert Land Academy, my son re-evaluated his attitudes towards his family, his mother and his home. I feel proud for these changes that happened to him and me, as a parent.``

Re-evaluated his Attitude
James P. and Stephan P.

``I believe in this school so much that I have sent my own son to RLA. It's hard to be on the parents side now as I don't get to see him much, but I'm thrilled to see him grow in ways I would have never imagined``

A Transformative Journey
James P.Parent/Alumni

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Our Program

Robert Land Academy’s values-based philosophy fosters and promotes development in the following areas:

  • Character Development
  • Positive Social Relationships
  • Community Service to Others
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teamwork and Peer Relationships
  • Leadership Development
  • Discipline and Work Ethic
  • Physical and Mental Resiliency
  • Personal Growth & Development
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Program overview

Does This Sound Like Your Son?

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Spends Too Much Time On Devices?

Our Solution:
  • Reduced distractions. No social media, no video games and no cell phones.
  • Cultivating an active and healthy lifestyle is integral to the Robert Land Academy experience
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Academic Progress is Falling Behind?

Our Solution:
  • One-to-one academic tutoring is available during and after school hours seven days a week.
  • Supervised academic study halls with qualified staff on hand to support and maintain learning.
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He Gets Distracted and Lacks Focus?

Our Solution:
  • Increased teacher attention. Average class size of eight students.
  • Supervised academic study halls with qualified staff on hand to support and maintain learning.

You know

Your son has potential

We know

How to help him realize it

About The Academics

  • Inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Graduating students earn OSSD
  • Small Class Sizes – Average of eight in a class
  • Dedicated Expert Professional Teachers
  • Values-Based Education Program

Robert Land Academy Graduates

Domestic and International Students Post Secondary Pathway Over the Past Five Years

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western University
  • Queen’s University
  • Ryerson University
  • Brock University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Ontario Tech University
  • Geneva Business School
  • Carleton University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • McMaster University
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100% University Acceptance

Canada’s Military-Inspired Boys Boarding School At A Glance


Years of 100% Post-Secondary acceptance


Boarders. No Day Students


Distinct Programs. Grade 5-8, 9-10
And 11-12


Students On Roll


Acres Of Land In A Rural Setting


Cell Phones And No Computer Games
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Three Programs, One Vision: Excellence in a Values-Based Education

Exceptional Programs for Grades 5-12

Students working together in the science lab.

Grades 5-8


We know how to get your son to want to focus on what matters:  the personal and academic skills required for high school and future success.


Grades 9 -10


In a structured environment, your son will see he can succeed and will embrace success.  Our program addresses fundamental academic skills while developing responsibility for team leadership and individual achievement.


Grades 11 -12


Our senior program focuses on successfully placing every student in a university or college. It is a motivating, goal-oriented environment that fosters initiative.


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Our Vision

Robert Land Academy is a center of excellence in programming designed to develop boys into young men possessing the essential qualities of leadership, citizenship, and self-regulation in order to fully participate in and contribute to society. By emphasizing accountability and responsibility inherent in the military model of a highly structured living and learning environment, we will foster individuals with the self-discipline and confidence to achieve their academic, moral, and physical potential.

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Our Mission

Robert Land Academy will challenge students to reach their academic, moral, and physical potential through year-round programming on our Niagara campus in order to develop boys into young men who embody the five values of the Academy: commitment; courage; labour; loyalty; and honour.

Latest News and Events

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in Students

Confidence and self-esteem are critical components of a young person’s development, especially during the transformative school years. At Robert Land Academy, we place a strong emphasis on building these essential traits in our students. Through a structured, supportive environment and challenging programs, we help students reach their full potential and tackle difficult obstacles, fostering a strong sense of self-worth and resilience.

Fostering Responsibility and Accountability in Schools

At Robert Land Academy, we believe fostering responsibility and accountability is crucial for student development. These values prepare students for academic success and equip them with essential life skills that will serve them throughout their lives. In our structured, military-inspired environment, we emphasize the importance of responsibility and accountability in every aspect of student life.

A Parent’s Guide to Military Schools

A Parent’s Guide to Military Schools: Nurturing Leadership and Excellence  Registering your child in a military school is a big decision, requiring significant planning and thought. The military school model offers a one-of-a-kind academic, physical, and emotional experience. If you are a parent considering this option, it is crucial to understand military life and the […]

The Rewards and Challenges of Attending a Military School

Attending Robert Land Academy is a transformative journey that brings both challenges and significant rewards. This experience shapes students into principled individuals ready to excel in their chosen paths. Though the program is demanding, the long-term benefits are invaluable, making every challenge worth overcoming. Rewards: Character Growth: Robert Land Academy’s rigorous environment facilitates unparalleled character […]

RLA Announces John Brant Award Winner

The Board of Governors of Robert Land Academy (RLA) is pleased to announce Adam Shoalts is the recipient of the 2024 John Brant Award. Shoalts is a professional adventurer and Westaway Explorer-in-Residence at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, national best-selling author, and public speaker. His expeditions range from mapping rivers to archaeological projects, but Shoalts is best known for his long solo journeys, including his latest adventure, a 3,400 km solo journey from Lake Erie to the Arctic as he followed peregrine falcons on their migratory flight.

Who Goes To A Military School? Exploring the Diversity of a Military-Inspired School

Military-inspired schools attract a diverse array of students, each with their own unique motivations and aspirations. While some may associate these institutions solely with troubled youth or those seeking a career in the armed forces, the reality is far more nuanced. Students choose military-inspired schools for many reasons, reflecting the rich tapestry of backgrounds and goals within their ranks. In this blog, we’ll explore the myriad of factors that influence a student’s decision to enroll in such a school, shedding light on the breadth and depth of this educational choice.

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Admissions for September 2024 are now open, with ongoing interviews for both Canadian and International Students.

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Is your son bright, inquiring and energetic?

Sounds like a recipe for success to us.

What is a highly structured program?

Since 1978, Robert Land Academy has offered extensive academic remediation, small class sizes, monitored study halls, tutorials, and an active athletic program for boys. Utilizing the military school model provides the foundation of a structured and disciplined learning and living community with a focus on emotional, intellectual and social well-being.

How does the Academy avoid distractions?

Having a boys-only boarding school allows us to focus on their specific developmental needs and unique ways of learning. The military-inspired boarding school environment also allows for the elimination of the many distractions which are forever present in the home or traditional day school settings, including video games and personal electronic devices.

What is the Academy’s postsecondary enrolment?

The structured program at our school prepares boys for their future and helps them to achieve success by focusing on their strengths as they develop self-discipline. Students are challenged to achieve true potential, with 100% of our graduates over the past decade being placed in university or college programs.

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