"Small classes with one on one instruction and mandatory study halls helped our son achieve higher grades and confidence. We knew he always had it in him."

Featured Testimonal - Grade 8 Parent 2021

10 reasons why your son should go to Robert Land Academy

Children lose a sense of responsibility and understanding of what is important in the real-life, because of the various video games and TV access available to them.

Some boys are so smart, that they will manipulate the system further – “they gave me a computer, so they will give me whatever I want, I just have to push harder”.

Ludmila, a parent of a recent grade 8 graduate, gives her account of life at Robert Land Academy.

Krista B (Parent, 2021)

We registered our son here this year during a global pandemic. The school has been absolutely wonderful in quelling any of our or our son’s concerns. We recently finished a Christmas break with our son home for three weeks. We saw amazing results after him having only been at the school for 4 months. He has matured and made great strides in managing his temper and communicating clearly and effectively rather than resulting in a huge fight. The journey isn’t over but we finally see a light at the end of our dark tunnel. I believe this school has changed the direction of our son’s life in an immeasurably positive way.

Thomas S (Parent, 2021)

Very Impressed! We were hesitant on sending our son to a private boarding school. We knew he would thrive with structure and routine. This was something we couldn’t give him at home. Robert Land Academy instilled the values of hard work, respect and perseverance in our son. Small classes with one on one instruction and mandatory study halls helped our son achieve higher grades and confidence. We knew he always had it in him.

Karl T (Parent, 2020)

My son is currently in his third year at this school. It’s awesome. So glad we found this place! Lots of discipline, lots of structure for sure. But what I appreciate even more is the genuine care and concern for my boy that I sense from all the teachers and staff whenever I speak to them. They know boys and they are passionate about seeing boys develop and mature well. My boy has a lot of challenges and struggles. Many schools would have given up on him long ago. Not RLA. They willingly take on his challenges and, slowly but surely, we’re seeing some wonderful results. We’re not rich. Financially it’s been a struggle but this is money very well spent.

Doug D (Parent, 2020)

Our son attended RLA for 4 years. Each year we gave him the choice to return or not. He enthusiastically chose to return and graduated as an Ontario Scholar. His work ethic, study skills, and grades all improved, but more importantly he grew into a strong minded individual and is a great adult. There was a lot of tough love at RLA. When we and he reflect on those days, he would not trade it for anything. Any young man wanting or needing to be better than who he is today would greatly benefit from RLA. Will it be easy; NO. Will it be worth it; YES.

“It would appear to me that you have truly discovered a unique and effective method of providing service to this very special segment of student population.  In my capacity as teacher, principal and now superintendent I, like you, have seen far too many youngsters ‘fall through the cracks’ of the institutional educational system.  Your efforts to provide a safety net for these unique and challenging individuals appears to be well matched to their needs.  Congratulations!”

Paul Perron, Superintendent of Education, Niagara Catholic District School Board

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"His work ethic, study skills, and grades all improved, but more importantly he grew into a strong minded individual and is a great adult."

Testimonials from Parents

Kristina B (Parent, 2021)

This year, 2020, I made a really tough choice for my son’s education and wellbeing – to send him to Robert Land Academy. I’ve read those horrible reviews from former students. I tried to read about any facts to support that negativity. I found many rambling, highly emotional and incoherent reviews. And although they did make me nervous, the lack of any reference to facts encouraged me to send my precious son to RLA. Now, four months into the school year, I am so happy that I’ve made this choice.

My son is in grade 7 now. This year he started at Robert Land Academy in Wellandport, Ontario. This is a not-for-profit private MILITARY-inspired boarding school for boys.

A Little background: Since the start of grade 1, my son was diagnosed with ADHD, got pigeonholed into that category of boys and struggled with schooling for all of 6 years being in public schools. I hardly ever seen a mark on his report card above C+ in any substantial subjects. We have had special education teachers assisting him in writing, he was given “special” breaks during class, he was put on medication, special diets, psychologist etc. etc. Nothing worked: my son was failing school or the school was failing him. Never a trouble maker, but never excelling at school.

This semester, at RLA, we already have 4 As: French, Math, Physical Ed and Arts. The rest of the marks are hard Bs! What’s more, I’ve always thought that my son had no leadership instincts, oh boy, was I wrong! He is now a house warden, which means he is in charge of everything at his “house” and 3 other boys that are part of his house. His manners have become impeccable, in his boots, I can see my own reflection, his room is organized. Moreover, the self-reflection that I get from my son about his own progress, shows amazing maturity and growth. He now has big ambitions to become a company IC (in charge)! His self-esteem has shot up, sense of responsibility improved immensely. He is now able to control his impulses and emotions. All that in just 4 short months!
In addition, my son says that he loves RLA, misses it when he is visiting home. Mainly for the reasons of fun and activities that he gets to do with his friends every day at school. I highly recommend and endorse this wonderful school and am willing to personally discuss our experience with anyone who is looking for a reference.

"Before he attended Robert Land, we saw a son who had little if any respect for either himself or his fellow-man. Now we see a son who believes in himself and who wants to get involved in the world. This is truly an amazing accomplishment in two short years."

Ziva S (Parent, 2020)

Our son graduated from Robert Land Academy after two years at the school. We can only say that his experience there was transformative. Before entering the school he did not have a sense of self or purpose. Two years later, with the close involvement and guidance of faculty and his rediscovered capacity for hard work, he graduated high school, with numerous academic awards and other distinctions. As of this writing he has finished his first undergraduate year at a reputable university, and has earned placement on the Dean’s honor list. This outcome was something we could not have imagined or dared to hope for, only two years earlier.

We believe that Robert Land Academy’s approach to its students is unique in the world of schools dedicated to helping young men through a troubled adolescence to a place in the adult world. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, with no recognizable grade inflation and provides every resource for meeting university entrance requirements. The school’s highly structured, “military” environment removes any possible ambiguity between students and academic staff. What the entering student learns first is that he has to earn the respect of others and his position within the community. Through this process, he comes to respect and value himself. The teaching staff are both experienced and extraordinarily dedicated, and they helped our son form his first adult relationships based on mutual respect and admiration. Relationships with peers were formed that may last for the rest of his life. He had his first experiences with leadership and responsibility for others at Robert Land, and they were powerful and gave him first awareness of abilities and strengths he never imagined he had. The school location is very isolated and the facilities are spartan but adequate and the absence of luxury gave our son a renewed appreciation for the comfort and privilege he had enjoyed at home.

We recognize that the Robert Land Academy is not necessarily the answer for everyone with a young man in need of redirection. But we do think this school is a hidden gem with a unique approach to helping kids who have lost their way to build an identity, and to find their place in the world.

Leonard M (Parent, 2021)

My name is Leonard and I am a retired dentist living in Montreal. My son Ryan attended your school probably 25 years ago; it wasn’t always easy but the fact is you probably saved his life! When I asked him to attend, I explained to him that as a parent I may have failed him in that I had almost no understanding of limit setting and living within boundaries in society. I treated my son as a friend growing up when he needed a father, a recipe for disaster in his case. I explained that we as a family needed a complete reset; reluctantly he went, and the journey was indeed tortuous; after his first year he was invited back as ‘head boy’ (typical for Ryan) but the bumps in the road continued anyway; we all stuck with the program (detours included) but today Ryan is in his early forties, comfortable in his own skin and a successful member of society; attending Robert Land was absolutely instrumental in his evolution and it’s something I will never forget. Please accept my sincere thank you for helping my son and my family.

Testimonials from Alumni

Daniel H (Alumni, 2020)

As a graduate from 2018/2019 I can say with the utmost sincerity this place changed my life and set me on the right direction. Before I went to this school I had no prospects, ambitions, or goals for my future. At the end of my two years here I was graduating with honours and an armful of awards and university acceptances, thanks to the stellar structure of the program here and the extensive dedication the staff and faculty show in their work every day. To anyone, especially those like myself at my time of admission who are in their later years of high school and mulling over the seeming impossibility of doing anything significant after your diploma, look into this place. I remember touring a boy in my last year who, like me, was in grade 11 and had a gnarly looking transcript, but had big dreams of going to U of T. I assured him without a doubt he could get there. Two years later when he graduated, I saw that he had been accepted to his dream school. Anything is possible.

Aiden S (Alumni, 2020)

Alumni here. I am going into second year university, and this school has changed me for the better. I honestly wish that I had gone to this school far sooner. The teachers and staff are all kind, but use every opportunity to mentor the students in discipline and self-control. Not only this, but I felt that I could always go to staff with any problem that I had, no matter how small or personal. The classes were thorough, and the teachers very good at explaining ideas in ways that supported each student’s needs. The ideals that built the foundation of the school (loyalty, labour, courage, commitment, and honour) were the kind that, if given a chance, cement themselves in students’ minds, and can persist even years after graduation. I have seen this same phenomenon from many of my fellow alums. The student experience was very difficult. A challenging environment and demands to fulfill your potential: both are not easy to cope with, but students come out stronger because of it. I fully and unhesitatingly support the school and its ideals.

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