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Parents testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“Enrolling our son at Robert Land Academy during these challenging times has been a transformative experience. The academy’s exceptional handling of our family’s concerns, amidst global uncertainties, stands out. Following a three-week holiday break, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth in our son. In just four months, his maturity, emotional regulation, and communication skills have notably improved, moving away from confrontations to constructive dialogues. The positive trajectory we see in him is a testament to the profound impact the school has had. We’re grateful to see a promising future unfolding for our son, thanks to the academy’s influence.”

Evelyn R. (Parent, 2023)

“Choosing Robert Land Academy for our son was a decision we approached with caution, but it has yielded impressive results. The school’s structured environment and focus on values like diligence, respect, and resilience align perfectly with what our son needed. The personalized attention in small class settings and structured study sessions have not only boosted his academic performance but also his self-assurance. It’s heartening to see him realize his potential, a goal we always hoped for but struggled to foster at home. Our experience with the academy has been nothing short of transformative.”

Liam D. (Parent, 2023)

''Small classes with one on one instruction and mandatory study halls helped our son achieve higher grades and confidence. We knew he always had it in him.''

Student Testimonials

As a graduate from 2018/2019 I can say with the utmost sincerity this place changed my life and set me on the right direction. Before I went to this school I had no prospects, ambitions, or goals for my future. At the end of my two years here I was graduating with honours and an armful of awards and university acceptances, thanks to the stellar structure of the program here and the extensive dedication the staff and faculty show in their work every day. To anyone, especially those like myself at my time of admission who are in their later years of high school and mulling over the seeming impossibility of doing anything significant after your diploma, look into this place. I remember touring a boy in my last year who, like me, was in grade 11 and had a gnarly looking transcript, but had big dreams of going to U of T. I assured him without a doubt he could get there. Two years later when he graduated, I saw that he had been accepted to his dream school. Anything is possible.

Daniel H (Alumni, 2020)

Student reading a book

Featured Testimonial – Grade 8 Parent 2021

10 Reasons Why Your Son Should Go To Robert Land Academy

“Children lose a sense of responsibility and understanding of what is important in the real-life, because of the various video games and TV access available to them. Some boys are so smart, that they will manipulate the system further – “they gave me a computer, so they will give me whatever I want, I just have to push harder”.”


A Parent Of A Recent Grade 8 Graduate
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