Life Changing Stories (Testimonials)

“Two Niagara high schools have been graded among the best in the province by the Fraser Institute’s Report Card on Ontario’ Secondary Schools.  The Robert Land Academy in West Lincoln is the region’s No. 1 school, coming 18th out of 568 schools…Robert Land Academy scored 9.7 out of a possible 10 points;…”

The St. Catharines Standard

“This past year of my life was one of great success.  I was able to accomplish things that I had never thought possible.  My relationship with my parents, which had once been bleak and uncomfortable, is now full of love, comfort, trust and communication.”

L/Cpl M. Beasley, RLA graduate

“It would appear to me that you have truly discovered a unique and effective method of providing service to this very special segment of student population.  In my capacity as teacher, principal and now superintendent I, like you, have seen far too many youngsters ‘fall through the cracks’ of the institutional educational system.  Your efforts to provide a safety net for these unique and challenging individuals appears to be well matched to their needs.  Congratulations!”

Paul Perron, Superintendent of Education, Niagara Catholic District School Board

“Just a quick note to let you know that Shane will be graduating next month from the University of Ottawa with his Bachelor of Social Science (major criminology) degree!  A big thank you again to all of you that were part of his 4 years at RLA.”

M. Henderson, parent

“Your home at RLA was the special place that helped my son find his place in life.  He has become the person we always knew he was capable of – and now with this foundation he can forge ahead.  Thank you!

R&J Sone, parents

“Before he attended Robert Land, we saw a son who had little if any respect for either himself or his fellow-man.  Now we see a son who believes in himself and who wants to get involved in the world.  This is truly an amazing accomplishment in two short years.”

B. Busch, parent

“As a concerned parent, it was so disheartening to watch helplessly as Sean’s amazing potential evaporated in our modern, unstructured educational system….I am so proud of the effort Sean has put into all aspects of the RLA program and I am very happy for Sean because he is now experiencing healthy, positive success as a result of his positive efforts.”

Dr. T. McKay, parent

“I attended Robert Land during the school year of 1991 and 1992.  Now close to five years later, do I realize the positive effect that Robert Land has had on my life… I am completing my degree in Religious Studies/Philosophy…I can safely say that RLA saved my life.  Prior to attending your school I was on the fast track to nowhere.  I am now finishing my degree and I will be enrolling in a Master of Divinity program at Huron College with the goal of entering the Anglican Priesthood.  Much of my success I owe to RLA.  Robert Land Academy helped me realize my potential, and has helped me make me who I am today…In a world of guilty bystanders who only wish to criticize our youth, you have decided to stand up and be counted and extend a hand to a generation that needs values, stability and leadership.”

A. Bourque, RLA graduate