Why Apply to RLA?

If the unique needs of your son are not being met by mainstream educational and therapeutic methods, consider a proven alternative that can get him back on track.

  • Military-inspired boarding for boys: Robert Land Academy.
  • Structured and engaging community, free from distractions.
  • Fosters positive attitudes, pride, health, and academic success.
  • Programs designed to prevent underachievement.
  • Tailored to meet boys’ educational needs, encouraging active participation.
  • Helps actualize potential and latent abilities.
  • Builds a solid foundation for future success.

Admissions Interview

Interviews can be conducted with you and your son either by phone, virtually, or in person. Copies of academic transcripts or reports from the preceding two years and a written application/interview form are required. Admission is based upon your son’s suitability to the program and the potential for success as exhibited through the interview process.

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Complete an enquiry form and book an information session with Maj. Krywulak, Admissions Director.

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The Admissions Process

  • 01.
    Start an Online Submission

    Contact the academy and complete an online enquiry form.

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  • 02.
    FREE Information Session

    Book a no-obligation parental information session with admissions.

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  • 03.
    Admissions Interview

    Complete an admissions interview. This interview is primarily with the student but it is also an opportunity for further questions from the parents. Fees apply*

  • 04.
    Medical Information

    Complete and return medical forms. A physical is required from your doctor.

  • 05.

    The Academy will review the documentation and provide a letter of acceptance based on the student’s suitability for the program.

  • 06.

    Review enrolment package and forward deposit and other payments.

  • 07.
    If International

    Apply for a student visa (international students only). For more information read this documentation from the government website.

  • 08.

    Prepare for arrival at the Academy on intake day.

Major Krywulak

“Book a free no-obligation parental information session with the Admissions Director, Maj. Krywulak.”

Virtual Academy Tours

Visiting the Academy can be difficult at times. We have prepared three virtual tours, one for each program we offer. Select the virtual tour below:

Explore our foundational program for grades 5-8, where the journey begins. This program instills core values through a military-model education, emphasizing discipline, respect, and leadership. Young students develop confidence and a love for learning in a structured environment that balances academic rigor with physical development, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

A-Coy tour

Our program for grades 9-10 builds upon the values-based education with a focus on character development and academic excellence. Students are immersed in a military-style setting that fosters self-discipline and accountability, creating a strong academic foundation and personal growth that is critical during these formative years.

Student explaining that he is in the mess hall, where the students eat their meals

The senior program for grades 11-12 is designed to refine students’ leadership skills and academic knowledge, preparing them for post-secondary success. Rooted in military tradition, our value-based approach teaches responsibility and strategic thinking, ensuring that students are ready to take command of their future, whether it’s in higher education or their chosen career paths.

C-Coy barracks

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