Why Apply to RLA?

If the unique needs of your son are not being met by mainstream educational and therapeutic methods, consider a proven alternative that can get him back on track. Robert Land Academy – a military-inspired boys’ boarding school that provides a structured, an engaging and distraction-free community that engenders a positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement.

The programs at Robert Land Academy are intended to address these issues and prevent smart boys from outsmarting themselves. By providing a program specifically meeting boys’ needs and taking into account what is required to involve them in their own education, latent abilities and potential can be actualized rather than wasted. A firm foundation can be established for future success.

Admissions Interview

Interviews can be conducted with you and your son either by phone, Skype or Zoom.  Copies of academic transcripts or reports from the preceding two years and a written application/interview form are required.  Admission is based upon your son’s suitability to the program and the potential for success as exhibited through the interview process.

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Free Information Session

Complete an enquiry form and book an information session with Dr. Harley, Deputy Headmaster. 

International Students

Studying is an option at the Academy

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Interviewing now for all Admissions in the Current Semester and Semester Two!

The Academy will also accept admissions throughout the school year

RLA Admissions Contact Info


6727 South Chippawa Road
Wellandport, Ontario L0R 2J0 Canada


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Virtual Tours

Visiting the Academy can be difficult at times. We have prepared three virtual tours, one for each program we offer. Select the virtual tour below:

Admissions Process


Start an Online Submission
Contact the Academy and Complete an online enquiry form.


Information Session
Book a free no-obligation parental information session with the Deputy Headmaster, Dr. Harely.


Admissions Interview
Complete an admissions interview. This interview is primarily with the student but it is also an opportunity for further questions from the parents. Fees apply*


Medical Information
Complete and return medical forms. A physical may be required from your doctor.


The Academy will review the documentation and provide a letter of acceptance based on the student’s suitability for the program.


Review enrolment package and forward deposit and other payments.


If International
Apply for a student visa (international students only). For more information read this documentation from the government website.


Prepare for arrival at the Academy on intake day.

Apply Now

Fees apply* – A $250 interview fee is required to book an Admissions interview. 

COVID-19: Instructions to Incoming International Students Issued by Public Health, Canada

In response to changing circumstances and in the interests of all families, Robert Land Academy continues to respond quickly and effectively to evolving situations. This memo reflects information effective as of December 2021. It is important that you read the contents thoroughly.

Fully Vaccinated

International students entering Canada who are fully vaccinated by a vaccine approved by the Canadian Government may qualify for exemption from quarantine. Currently, the Canadian government has approved the following vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

Fully vaccinated means having received both doses of an approved vaccine with the second dose having been delivered at least 14 days prior to arrival. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded to ArriveCAN together with any other required documents prior to arrival.

Travelers Entering Canada

Full details and updates can be found at


Students Arriving in Canada Without Exemption

Students arriving in Canada without exemption are required to follow government guidelines when entering Canada. See this website:


The Academy may be to help meet the needs of those families who have not met vaccination requirements or been able to make personal arrangements around quarantine.

Robert Land Academy urges all parents to arrange vaccinations for their son wherever possible.

Interviewing now for all Admissions and the New Semester in September 2021

The Academy will also accept admissions throughout the school year

RLA Admissions Contact Info


6727 South Chippawa Road
Wellandport, Ontario L0R 2J0 Canada


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.