Academic Courses


Develop strategies/programs which focus on the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Active participation in a variety of developed “daily workouts” that lead to the attainment of personal goals.

Investigate topics related to fitness testing/appraisals, exercise prescription, periodized strength training, and nutrition/ergogenic aids.

Develop goal setting, communications, and self-reflection through a variety of activities and workouts.


This course focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors, and principles involved in human development. Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sport, and the physiological, psychological, and social factors that influence an individual’s participation in physical activity and sport. The course prepares students for university programs in physical education and health, kinesiology, health sciences, health studies, recreation, and sports administration. Prerequisite: Any Grade 11 university or university/college preparation course in science, or any Grade 11 or 12 course in health and physical education.


This course enables students to explore the benefits of lifelong participation in active recreation and healthy leisure and to develop the leadership and coordinating skills needed to plan, organize, and safely implement recreational events and other activities related to healthy, active living. Students will also learn how to promote the benefits of healthy, active living to others through mentoring and assisting them in making informed decisions that enhance their well-being. The course will prepare students for university programs in physical education and health and kinesiology and for college and university programs in recreation and leisure management, fitness and health promotion, and fitness leadership.

Athletic Clubs and Activities

Weight Training Club

The Weight Training Club provides an opportunity for boys to develop both physically and mentally. By building strength and muscle tone they can increase their self-confidence.

By seeing tangible results for their effort and surpassing previous limitations, boys are encouraged to believe that mental, as well as physical limitations, can be overcome through sustained effort.

RLA - Senior Weight Training Club
RLA - Basketball Game

The Basketball/Soccer Club

The Basketball/Soccer Club teaches the skills of these two popular sports. Each meeting includes a warm-up, a range of drills and activities associated with the sport, as well as ample time allotted for a scrimmage. The clubs take place in both the gym and on the soccer field.

Boxing Club

The Boxing Club is run by a registered coach with boxing Ontario who is also a former referee and Box On instructor. The cadets train for approximately 3-4 weeks at the on-campus boxing club learning the fundamentals of boxing. The Boxing Club builds confidence and camaraderie amongst the club members and develops good physical fitness skills and habits (skipping, shadow boxing, bag work and footwork) that can be used in everyday life.

RLA -Boxing
The Rappel tower

Rappel and Climbing Club

Introduces students to the safe practices of top-rope climbing on our own indoor climbing wall and a new Rappel Tower situated on campus. Students are taught how to use and wear an adjustable climbing harness, how to tie a follow-through figure 8 knot, and belay a climber using a Grigri belay device. The athletic component of climbing is introduced and improved upon as the year progresses.

Wrestling Club

The Wrestling Club introduces students to the sport of wrestling with the goals of improving physical fitness and self-confidence. Boys who desire to compete in wrestling tournaments can join and practice with the varsity team. The club and varsity team are coached by teachers/coaches certified under the National Coaching Certification Program.

RLA - Intermediate Wrestling Club

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