Life at the Academy

Robert Land Academy is Unique

RLA - Unique
In addition to addressing boys’ academic challenges, Robert Land Academy provides a structured learning and living environment which focuses on:
Social Skills
Organization Skills
Time Management
Self Discipline
Personal Hygiene
Self Confidence
Life Skills
Health and Fitness

No other schools or programs offer this level of structure, clarity, and consistency

Situated on 168 acres in the rural Niagara Peninsula, Robert Land Academy utilizes a military theme to provide a positive structured environment for academics, fitness and social responsibilities. Robert Land Academy works for all boys precisely because it is a self-contained environment where distractions are minimized. No other schools or programs offer this level of structure, clarity, and consistency – expectations are clearly set in this environment.

RLA - Senior Life At The Academy

The senior grades 11-12 have their own barracks (dormitories) which are separate from the younger students. The barracks are equipped with private toilet stalls and private shower cubicles. Meals are served in the dining hall along with the other boys, however, the seating arrangement is by grade level so that they stay together.

Robert Land Academy is Unique

Nutrition & Routine

Regular meals served at the same time each day with a balanced diet high in fruit, vegetables, and fibre, with no “junk food”, soda pop or fried foods.

Regular routine includes daily physical exercise and a full eight hours of sleep nightly.

Small Classes & Tutoring

“Chunking” of academic lessons, repetition of key points, regular testing, small classes, close personal attention, and varied teaching approaches and assessment methods.
Supervised daily and weekend study halls in a quiet environment, additional tutorials and peer tutoring.

Distractions & Structure

A rural setting to assist concentration and focus through the removal of the many distractions which include video games, television, personal computers, cell phones, smartphones and musical devices.
A 24/7 highly structured program.

Positive Reinforcement & Confidence

Clearly defined rules within an environment that fosters success through positive reinforcement.
A coaching approach to teaching is intended to build self-confidence while retaining genuine challenge and achievement.

Student Body

Robert Land Academy enrols approximately 125 young men each year in grades 5 through 12. Approximately, eighty percent of the students come from Canada. The remaining twenty percent travel from the United States, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, The Caribbean and elsewhere around the globe.

Robert Land Academy attracts boys from around the world and therefore the student body represents a broad diversity of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Because of the intimate setting and the small student population, our students form strong friendships which last a lifetime.

RLA - Senior Student Body Small
RLA - Senior Discipline

Boys who do not behave appropriately are subject to a discipline code that includes physical exercise and loss of privileges. More severe issues can result in loss of rank, loss of weekend leaves or duties around the Academy.

In order to make an informed decision, prospective students of Robert Land Academy and their parents will have an opportunity to meet with some of the boys at the Academy during enrolment interviews and at the Parent Information Sessions held between September and June each year.

Cadet Life

Upon admission to Robert Land Academy, all boys are considered recruits.  Introductory training includes learning the systems and lifestyles of the Academy.  Promotion to cadet status follows the successful completion of specific performance objectives.

The rank system encourages the development of positive leadership skills, and the opportunity to earn more privileges through personal achievement.

The military format allows for the public acknowledgement of positive behaviours and leadership qualities that may be overlooked in academic and sports performance. This provides another venue to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Boys live in barracks-style dorms that have adult supervision on a 24-7 basis. The daily schedule is structured to assist cadets with time management and self-discipline. A typical day begins at 0630 hours and includes a staff inspection of living quarters, lockers and personal belongings. Breakfast is followed by a devotional, flag-raising and drill. Classes, sports and activities take place on weekdays. Weekends highlight outdoor adventure training, sports, academic tutorials, a credit physical education course, study halls and non-denominational chapel services on Sundays.

RLA - Senior Student Body

Life at the Academy

Each boy is required to participate in extracurricular activities, designed to develop sportsmanship, physical strength, leadership, and a sense of self-worth. Varsity teams compete with area high schools in basketball, cross-country, wrestling, soccer, track and field, and badminton. On an individual basis, boys can challenge themselves with the parachuting course, canoeing, scuba, rock climbing, rappelling, orienteering, and other outdoor adventure activities. Some 20 clubs are organized to meet a variety of interests such as boxing, mountain biking, photography, computers, chess, army cadets (RCAC), and many more.

Typically, boys can return home approximately once a month for a four-day weekend and can apply for additional leaves if their effort warrants extra privileges.

All meals, including snacks, are healthy, wholesome and nutritionally balanced. Our fully accredited chef is also a graduate of the Academy. The Academy is the recipient of the Eat Smart. School Cafeteria Award, for offering healthy menu choices, maintaining an excellent track record in food handling safety, and for having all food service staff appropriately trained and certified in safe food handling measures.

RLA student swinging a baseball bat

Becoming a Robert Land Academy student catalyzes a young man’s emotional growth so as to stimulate a heightened sense of responsibility and to appreciate more fully the value of family and home life.

A Typical Weekday

A Typical Weekend


Rise and Shine / Personal hygiene   team effort to prepare barracks for inspection


Inspection by Company Sergeant Major




Classroom studies




Classroom studies


Sports, fitness training, activities & tutorials




Mandatory study hall


Rise and Shine / Personal hygiene   team effort to prepare barracks for inspection




Structure activities including team sports


Classroom studies




Outdoor activities including fishing, paintball and hiking.


Life Skills




Evening entertainment including a movie night and campfires.

The Faculty

The Faculty is composed of dedicated men and women who have an abiding interest in the academic, emotional and physical well-being of their cadets.  Teachers not only instruct but also coach sports teams, run clubs, tutor, supervise meals and daily study halls and are responsible for a section of ten cadets.  Two registered nurses are on staff, a forensic psychotherapist, sports therapist and a medical doctor make visits to the Academy twice weekly.

Situated in a rural setting, Robert Land Academy is isolated from the negative and threatening influences and distractions of an urban environment.

Social Life

A cadet spends most of the time with his fellow cadets and the staff. This close-knit group forms the basis for most social interactions. However, whenever possible, cadets are also able to associate with other groups of students at sports events or off-campus activities. Although we stress the development of each cadet within the small and structured environment of the Academy, we recognize and respond to, as much as possible, the need of each boy to enjoy healthy contact with a larger group of people. The social life of the Academy itself is that of family life, wherein each person contributes to the happiness and well-being of the group. Academy life is rich in the sense of providing many opportunities for comradeship and togetherness. Individuals who are weak at socializing are taught effective techniques and provided opportunities to practice them with peers and adults. Cadets benefit from the smallness and relative isolation of the school, in that they learn how to enjoy a social life and gradually experience more aspects of a well-rounded life.

Robert Land Academy


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