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Key Points

The Grade 11 and 12 program is designed to prepare the students with the skills required for University and life beyond high school. Students are challenged with advanced academic courses, in a distraction free environment, allowing them to be ready for their next stage in life.

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University Preparation

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Academic Upgrading

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Post-Secondary Application Support

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Small Classes and Focused Tutorials

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Study Halls and Individual Assistance

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Promoting Self-Direction

Robert Land Academy’s senior program creates a culture of success within a highly structured living and learning environment that minimizes distractions, improves focus and direction and helps boys and young men to be the best that they can be.

Robert Land Academy is a private school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers curriculum, instruction and resources that conform to Ministry standards and guidelines. Robert Land Academy grants credits towards the government-issued Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.).

The highly structured environment at Robert Land Academy is intended to support and encourage boys to reach their potential. Responsibility and accountability are stressed as a means of producing the realization that each action has consequences.

An overwhelming majority of our students experience a dramatic improvement in their academic performance and success within the first semester of enrollment. Over the past decade, 100 percent of the graduates who applied to college or university were accepted.

The academic program is intended to be as rigorous as the training and physical education components. Students will be directed to courses that will maximize their future career options and choices. All courses offered are at the Academic or Open level.

Curriculum and Courses of Study

The curriculum, in keeping with other aspects of the overall program, is highly structured and provides little or no choice of course selection until the senior years.

The focus of this program results in boys being placed back into a situation of choice with regards to their own futures. Senior courses are selected based on their appropriateness for university and college admission. Senior students’ choices are determined by the university or college program that they have identified.

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University and College Applications

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All Senior Division students will meet with the Academic Officer to ascertain career and post-secondary objectives. Parents will be advised of the outcome of this meeting.

The Academy provides access, through the internet, to all university and college calendars for institutions in Canada, the United States and abroad. All graduates are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education and the Academy takes an active role in guiding and assisting Cadets to realize their ambitions.

Courses We Offer

Grade 11

Grade 12


Visual Arts


Visual Arts


Intro to Financial Accounting


Principles of Financial Accounting


Forces of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters


Canada: History, Identity, and Culture University Prep


World History to the
15th Century


World History Since the 15th Century


English, University Prep


Analyzing Current Economic Issues


Leadership and Peer Support


English, University Prep


Intro to Computer Science


Physics, University Prep


Functions, University Prep


Philosophy: Questions and Theories, University Prep


Ontario Literacy


Calculus and Vectors, University Prep


Healthy Living & Personal Fitness Activities


Advance Functions, University Prep


Biology, University Prep


Mathematics of Data Management, University Prep


Chemistry, University Prep


Healthy Living & Personal Fitness Activities


Physics, University Prep


Biology, University Prep


American History, University Prep


Chemistry, University Prep

Volunteer Experience

To graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) students must complete 40 hours of volunteer work within four years of high school.

The responsibility to complete these hours is that of the student and should be done during leaves, Stand Downs and summer vacations.

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