Captain Kevin Brown

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Kevin M. Brown earned degrees from Brock and York Universities. His dissertation focused on the proximate and ultimate causes of adoption behaviour in birds. Upon graduation in 1996, as a Research Associate, Dr. Brown joined Cornell University where he planned and conducted a five-year research program concerning birds and aircraft in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge – J.F. Kennedy Airport complex in New York City.

His research activities with birds on Lake Erie and Jamaica Bay led to 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals and numerous conference presentations across North America, as well as in France and Italy. Kevin returned to Brock University, as an Assistant Professor, in 2000 where he taught courses in ecology, conservation and environment. Since August 2004 Lieutenant Brown has been teaching math and science at Robert Land Academy. Outside of the classroom, he coaches the varsity wrestling team.

Kevin was born during the ‘60s in Manchester, England. In 1969 his family (mom, dad, and two older brothers) immigrated to Montreal, Canada; so that’s why he’s a ‘habs’ fan! Eventually the family settled in Georgetown, Ontario where he attended Centennial Middle School and Georgetown District High School; home of the “rebels”. It was in grade 6 that Kevin and three friends joined the school’s wrestling team so that their science teacher (the coach), as one friend put it, “would like them”; he’s been involved in wrestling ever since. Currently he coaches Loyalist and Junior Badger wrestlers. Kevin and wife Donna (of 32 years) have four grown children and reside in Niagara. During the summers, he enjoys canoeing and fishing.

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