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Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in Students

Confidence and self-esteem are critical components of a young person’s development, especially during the transformative school years. At Robert Land Academy, we place a strong emphasis on building these essential traits in our students. Through a structured, supportive environment and challenging programs, we help students reach their full potential and tackle difficult obstacles, fostering a strong sense of self-worth and resilience.

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Fostering Responsibility and Accountability in Schools

At Robert Land Academy, we believe fostering responsibility and accountability is crucial for student development. These values prepare students for academic success and equip them with essential life skills that will serve them throughout their lives. In our structured, military-inspired environment, we emphasize the importance of responsibility and accountability in every aspect of student life.

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A Parent’s Guide to Military Schools

A Parent’s Guide to Military Schools: Nurturing Leadership and Excellence  Registering your child in a military school is a big decision, requiring significant planning and thought. The military school model offers a one-of-a-kind academic, physical, and emotional experience. If you are a parent considering this option, it is crucial to understand military life and the […]

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The Rewards and Challenges of Attending a Military School

Attending Robert Land Academy is a transformative journey that brings both challenges and significant rewards. This experience shapes students into principled individuals ready to excel in their chosen paths. Though the program is demanding, the long-term benefits are invaluable, making every challenge worth overcoming. Rewards: Character Growth: Robert Land Academy’s rigorous environment facilitates unparalleled character […]

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RLA Announces John Brant Award Winner

The Board of Governors of Robert Land Academy (RLA) is pleased to announce Adam Shoalts is the recipient of the 2024 John Brant Award. Shoalts is a professional adventurer and Westaway Explorer-in-Residence at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, national best-selling author, and public speaker. His expeditions range from mapping rivers to archaeological projects, but Shoalts is best known for his long solo journeys, including his latest adventure, a 3,400 km solo journey from Lake Erie to the Arctic as he followed peregrine falcons on their migratory flight.

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Who Goes To A Military School? Exploring the Diversity of a Military-Inspired School

Military-inspired schools attract a diverse array of students, each with their own unique motivations and aspirations. While some may associate these institutions solely with troubled youth or those seeking a career in the armed forces, the reality is far more nuanced. Students choose military-inspired schools for many reasons, reflecting the rich tapestry of backgrounds and goals within their ranks. In this blog, we’ll explore the myriad of factors that influence a student’s decision to enroll in such a school, shedding light on the breadth and depth of this educational choice.

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The Benefits of a Values-Based Education

The Benefits of a Values-Based Education

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of education, the focus has shifted beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. A values-based education stands out as a beacon, emphasizing the development of character, social relationships, service to others, integrity, and accountability. This holistic approach shapes well-rounded individuals and equips individuals with the tools and principles essential for academic success and leading meaningful, ethical, and fulfilling lives.

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Why I Chose Robert Land Academy

Parents often navigate a labyrinth of choices in the quest for the right educational environment for their children. Each child has unique needs and challenges, making the search for the perfect school a highly individualized journey. For parents who have chosen Robert Land Academy (RLA), a military boarding school in Ontario, Canada, their decision stems from a belief that RLA offers a transformative experience and can fulfill the needs of their sons.

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