Why Military Schools Are Still Relevant Today

Military schools offer a highly structured and disciplined education that can benefit students in many ways.  But you may wonder, are military schools still relevant in today’s education system?  The answer is a resounding yes.

A Values-Based Approach

Military schools are still relevant today because they instill a strong sense of discipline and responsibility in their students. In addition, these schools’ values-based philosophy and pedagogy help students learn self-regulation, accountability, commitment, integrity, and personal responsibility.  This can be especially beneficial for students who struggle in a traditional school setting.

A central idea promoted across campus is service to others.  By encouraging students to become good citizens and develop teamwork skills, students experience social and emotional growth.

Promotion of Physical Fitness

In addition to discipline, military schools also place a strong emphasis on physical fitness and personal development.  These schools often require students to participate in daily physical training and sports, which helps them to develop strength, endurance, and teamwork skills.

At Robert Land Academy, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including an auto club, boxing club, martial arts club, CrossFit training, fishing and canoeing activities, robotics and computer programming clubs, and a music club.  These extracurriculars complement our sports teams, including cross-country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, badminton, track and field, and soccer. In addition, the wide variety of activities on campus and the small student body ensures that every student develops hobbies and interests.

Students who are physically fit and involved in a club, hobby, sport, or extracurricular activity tend to develop a more positive self-concept, hold a more optimistic view of the future, develop self-confidence, and develop stronger social skills and peer relationships.

Strong Academic Reputation

Another benefit of military schools is their focus on academics. As a result, military schools typically have high academic standards and expectations and offer a wide range of advanced educational programs and extracurricular activities.

At Robert Land, we incorporate small class sizes and ensure students receive sufficient academic support outside the classroom.  However, our passionate teaching staff often leaves a lasting impression on our students.  Alumni Samson Lau explains, “The teachers in this academy are a life-changer for me.  Many of my views of the world are influenced by my teachers during my time at the academy.”

Emphasis on Teamwork and Service to Others

Finally, military schools offer a sense of community and belonging that can be hard to find in other schools.  The close-knit nature of military schools allows students to form strong bonds with their classmates and teachers, and the emphasis on teamwork and cooperation helps students to develop strong social skills and a sense of camaraderie.  This sense of community is essential for students of all ages, as it allows them to feel connected and supported in their educational journey.

Interested in Finding Out More?

In conclusion, military schools offer a unique and highly structured educational experience that can benefit students in many ways.  These schools are still relevant today because they teach necessary life skills like discipline, physical fitness, and leadership and offer a supportive and close-knit community for students.  If you’re considering a military school for your child, it’s worth considering the many benefits these schools provide.

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