Robert Land Academy Open House

Are you considering a military education for your child? Do you want to provide them with a structured and disciplined environment where they can learn valuable life skills and pursue their academic goals? If so, you may want to consider attending Robert Land Academy’s Annual Inspection Open House on Saturday, May 13.

Military schools are unique organizations that offer a blend of rigorous curriculum, physical education, and character development. It is designed to prepare students for the challenges of college and beyond by instilling a sense of discipline, responsibility and leadership.

Why Attend an Open House?

At the open house, you can tour the campus, learn about the Academy’s unique program, engage with interactive student-led academic and athletic displays, and watch our students on parade. You will also have the chance to interact with current faculty and students, who can share their experiences and insights about life at the Academy.  Our admissions team will also be present to answer any questions about the enrollment process.

A Values-Based Model of Education

One of the main advantages of military education is the emphasis on character development. Military schools place a high value on integrity, honor, and self-discipline and seek to instill these values in their students. This may include physical training, leadership development, community service, and a focus on personal responsibility.

By attending a military school, students can develop their leadership skills in a supportive and structured environment. They may participate in leadership training programs, take on leadership roles within their class or extracurricular activities, and learn how to work effectively with others to achieve common goals.

A Supportive Academic Environment

In addition to character development, military schools also provide a strong academic program. The Academy maintains high academic standards, and students must demonstrate a positive work ethic and attitude toward learning. With small class sizes, mandatory study halls, teacher-led tutorials, and a dedicated teaching staff, students receive the support they need to be successful.

At the open house, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the academic program and the various courses offered at the school. You can speak with faculty members about their teaching methods, grading policies, and expectations for student performance.

Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Another important aspect of military education is physical fitness. Military schools emphasize physical training and fitness and provide students with various opportunities to improve their physical health and well-being. At Robert Land Academy, extracurricular activities, including sports teams and clubs, are offered daily to ensure our students lead healthy, physically active lifestyles.

At the open house, you can learn more about the physical fitness program at the school, tour the various facilities, and learn about the extracurriculars offered. There will be a variety of extracurricular activities showcased around campus, including an opportunity to use our rappel tower.

Learn About our School’s Culture and Values

If you want to provide your child with a unique and rewarding educational experience, attending our open house can be a great way to learn more about this option. You can explore the campus and get a sense of the school’s culture and values.

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We look forward to seeing you at this important event.

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