Andrew Koster, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Until recently Andrew was the Executive Director of the Brant Family and Children’s Services and has forty-eight years of continuous experience with various Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario, Canada.    These include being a front-line worker, supervisor, and Director of Services.  More recently he has been a Regional Director of Family Wellness in Nunavut.  He has also co-led groups for adolescents (2 years) and adults who have been sexually abused (5 years) and for men who have committed domestic violence (3 years).

Andrew has taught topics such as child welfare, child abuse and groups at several schools of social work.  In addition, he has written or assisted in sexual abuse curriculum development, investigation standards, and provided training for child protection managers and staff.

He has also provided consultation to various groups, government and child welfare agencies, including preparation of numerous public reports for various provincial governments in situations where children died or systems issues were identified as potential problems for resolution.  This includes reports in seven Canadian provinces and territories.

Andrew has been legally declared an expert in a number of specific areas of Child Welfare practice including sexual abuse investigation, sexual abuse treatment, child protection, children in care, and administrative practices.

He is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Child Welfare League of Canada.   Educated with an M.S.W. at the State University of Buffalo, his future hope is to complete final work on a Ph.D. in Social Work at a later date.

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