Kevin McCormick

RLA Kevin Mccormik

Kevin Robert Edward McCormick BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Dr. Kevin McCormick is a Canadian citizen who continues to drive positive change in his community, country and around the globe. He is a passionate champion for education, a humanitarian of distinction, an avid volunteer, a community builder and a true global citizen. At present, he is the President and Vice-Chancellor of Huntington University in Greater Sudbury, as well as Founding President of the university’s Peruvian Canadian Institute.  He also serves as the Honorary Colonel of the Irish Regiment of Canada, is a member of the National Seniors Council, and a Patron of St. John Ambulance – Northeastern Ontario.  He also devotes much of his time and talent to support organizations at the local, provincial and national levels.

Huntington University

In 2006, Kevin was recruited to Huntington University as the President and Vice-Chancellor. Under his leadership, guidance, and exceptional collaborative strengths, the university achieved long-term financial stability and a rising community profile. Over the past 60 years, Huntington University has made a name for itself by proudly partnering with many organizations, both national and international, to foster relations and build community. The university has also successfully established several Centres of Excellence, such as the first Teaching and Learning Centre in the north, the Peruvian Canadian Institute and the Canadian Finnish Institute, which have all enhanced northern Ontario’s academic landscape.



Kevin was promoted in December 2017 to the rank of Honorary Colonel of the Irish Regiment of Canada.  He also has a rich history of supporting the Canadian Forces members, Veterans and their families through innovative programs and partnerships, including Project Honour and Preserve – an international project he initiated and personally funds to raise awareness of the sacrifices and contributions made by Canadian Veterans while bringing public attention to important dates in Canadian Military history. In 2016 he received a National Commendation from the Minister of Veterans Affairs, for his work on the Project Honour and Preserve initiative. That same year, Kevin also expanded his dedicated efforts, to include repatriating objects that originate from the United States and United Kingdom.

Within the Canadian Armed Forces, as the Honorary Colonel of the Irish Regiment of Canada, Kevin holds senior positions within the CAF, including as the senior Honorary for 33 Brigade, senior Honorary Colonel for the 4th Division of the Army and as a member of the National Council of Honorary Colonels which acts as an advisory body to senior military officials and governmental officials.


Civic Leadership and Community Service

Kevin’s inspirational volunteerism spans four decades and focuses on a myriad of issues/causes ranging from education, humanitarian relief, immigration and refugee services, military, race relations, hospice care, homelessness, youth mentorship, and more.  In recognition of his leadership in these areas, he has been named as the recipient of numerous honours and awards in Canada, Finland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Italy and Burkina Faso. Recent honours include: Knight of the Order of the Stallion, Presidency of Faso Grand Chancellery of Burkinabe Orders (2021), Member (Fifth Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant,  Kingdom of Thailand (2019), National Seniors Council, Governor in Council Appointment (2019), Bell Business Excellence Award – Executive of the Year (2018), Senate of Canada 150 Award (2017), Knight, First Class, of the Order of the White Rose of Finland (2017), National Commendation – Minister of Veterans Affairs (2016), Palliative Care Leadership Award (2016), International Peace Medal – YMCA (2016), the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship (2014), the Community Builders Award for Excellence (2014), the Queen’s Diamond (2012) and Golden (2002) Jubilee Medals, and Canadian Professor of the Year (1999).  Kevin is also an Officer in the Order of St. John (2010).  In 2010, Kevin also became one of few Canadians to be named a Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Crown of Thailand, by the King, for his contributions to international education and humanitarianism. He has also been recognized with numerous citations from local governments, charitable groups and professional organizations.


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