Raymond Skye

The image of John Brant used in the logo for Robert Land Academy’s John Brant Award was created by Iroquois Artist Raymond Skye.

Mr. Skye was born at Six Nations Grand River Territory and currently lives in Brantford, Ontario. He is self-taught and self-disciplined, expressing his appreciation for wildlife and portraiture through the media of pencil and charcoal drawings He also works in pastels, watercolour and coloured pencil.

He credits much of the inspiration for his artwork to his parents’ traditional teachings. Teachings he says help him portray his culture with the authenticity and dignity it deserves.

Mr. Skye’s art is featured in the Landscape of Nations memorial at Queenston Heights, where a statue of John Brant was created based on one of his drawings.

During the Academy’s Fall Exercise parade and ceremony at Queenston Heights, staff saw the Landscape of Nations memorial and were inspired to ask Mr. Skye if he would work with The Academy in creating a new John Brant Award logo.

Robert Land Academy is honoured that Mr. Skye shared his incredible talent and traditional teachings to create this image, which we hope illustrates the importance of John Brant to Canada and the John Brant award to The Academy.

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