Open House – The Annual Inspection

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Open House and Annual Inspection

The Cadets and Faculty of Robert Land Academy have been working hard to prepare for this year’s Annual Inspection. The Academy invites you to see their academic, sports and club displays, speak to students about life on campus, and attend a Parade and Sunset Ceremony.

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Useful Information

When: Saturday, June 1, 2024

Where: 6727 South Chippawa Rd. Wellandport. Free Parking On Campus.

Time: 1030 am – 2 pm

Cost: Free

What’s Happening:

  • Military Parade (1:00 pm – please bring a chair if needed)
  • Free BBQ and Food Stalls
  • Try the Rappel Tower
  • Archery/Air Rifle Shooting Range
  • Boxing/Wrestling Display
  • Sports and Fun Games
  • AirSoft Shooting Range Competition
  • Take a Canoe Ride
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Much much more

Learn how Robert Land Academy’s values-based philosophy fosters and promotes development in the following areas:

Character Development

Instills moral and ethical principles

Positive Social Relationships

Fosters and promotes positive social relationship development

Community Service to Others

Cultivates a sense of purpose and community

Integrity and Accountability

Emphasizes honesty, integrity, and accountability

Emotional Intelligence

Develops self-awareness and emotional regulation

Teamwork and Peer Relationships

Encourages and builds collaboration, camaraderie, and belonging

Leadership Development

Provides practical training and experience in leadership

Discipline and Work Ethic

Instills discipline and strong work ethic

Physical and Mental Resiliency

Prioritizes physical fitness and mental well-being

Personal Growth & Development

Supports individual growth and develops self-concept

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