Old Boy – Dave Lehman

Attended the Academy 1984-1986

When I was growing up, in Hamilton, Ontario, I was quite an active kid; I was very active with friends, I played football, and my classes in school were very good. My dreams, since I was very young, were to be with the Canadian Armed Forces. I often played with my friends, after school, as well as I worked with a friend of mine, delivering newspapers 6 days a week. On March 1, 1982, whilst delivering newspapers, I was run over by a car. I was in a coma, paralyzed and had brain surgery. I had much tutoring and needed to learn many things all over again, yet my dreams were still to be in the military. It was discovered that Robert Land Academy, a small, private school, would be perfect for me. Not so many kids in each class, more concentrating and beneficial for my academics.

I was a rather nervous kid, adjusting to new people, and new environments, but all was good. I attended Robert Land Academy from September 1984, through to June of 1986. It was indeed an experience that means so much to me, to this day. Following my few years at Robert Land Academy, I went back to my family, in Hamilton, and continued my schooling in Hamilton. After graduating from secondary high school, I moved to Toronto, for college, giving me a new life, or a new start, in Toronto. I attended college for about a year, but as it never panned out, I found work in the security field, in Toronto, which I had been working from 1994 to this day. Doing which, keeping self-discipline I learned at RLA, helps me a great deal, to this day. In fact, since about 2010, I learned of Robert Land Academy alumni groups and meets, via Facebook, which I had taken part with since.

This is great, keeping close with those that I grew with as brothers, years before.

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