Responsibility and Accountability


At Robert Land Academy, the military school model provides the foundation of our structured and disciplined living and learning environment.  By emphasizing value-based expectations for proper conduct as well as clearly defined rules and roles, our program has produced amazing results.  In over 40 years of operation, the majority of our boys have experienced improved academic success in their very first semester of enrolment.

Responsibility and Accountability

Robert Land Academy offers a highly structured environment that is intended to support and encourage boys to reach their potential.  Responsibility and accountability are stressed as a means of producing the realization that each action has consequences.

Boys who do not behave appropriately are subject to a discipline code that includes physical exercise and loss of privileges.  More severe issues can result in loss of rank, loss of weekend leaves or duties around the Academy.

The campus at Robert Land Academy is situated on 168 picturesque acres of rural land in the heart of the historic Niagara Peninsula.  It offers a tranquil setting free from harmful distractions and influences.  The facilities include an academic building with classrooms and laboratories, a library, barracks-style dormitories, a dining hall, an administration building, and a fully equipped gymnasium as well as outdoor playing fields.

The Faculty is comprised of dedicated men and women who have an abiding interest in the academic, emotional and physical well-being of their cadets.  Teachers not only instruct but also coach sports teams, run clubs, tutor, supervise meals and daily study halls and are responsible for a section of ten cadets.  Two registered nurse are on staff, a forensic psychotherapist, sports therapist and a medical doctor make visits to the Academy twice weekly.


Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what a parent of a past student had to say

“Robert Land Academy gave my son back when nobody else could. I tremble to think how we would have dealt with his frustrations had he not had this school.”

A grateful RLA parent

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