Helping Boys Reach Their Potential In An ADHD-Friendly School

Introduction to ADHD

There are three primary characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD): inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. A child who only has inattentive symptoms is often overlooked because his behaviours are not disruptive. However, the consequences of inattention, such as not following directions, result in poor performance in school and difficulties forming positive social relationships with friends.


Does This Sound Like Your Son?


He makes careless mistakes in school work and has difficulty paying attention to detail


He is easily distracted and may not listen when spoken to


He has difficulties with organization, planning ahead or finishing projects


He loses things needed for tasks such as assignments, homework, etc.


He often interrupts others, saying the wrong things at the wrong time


He has difficulty keeping emotions in check, often resulting in angry outbursts or temper tantrums


He constantly fidgets and has difficulty sitting still or playing quietly


He moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately

Robert Land Academy offers a specialized education program for boys in grades 5 through 12 that runs throughout the entire school year. Our military boarding school theme promotes independence, self-discipline, cooperation, social skills, healthy living, and the desire to learn.

Three programs meet with distinct purposes and approaches meet the needs of our students: Junior Program (grades 5-8), Intermediate Program (grades 9-10), Senior Program (grades 11-12)Our teachers are skilled and experienced in helping boys achieve academic success, and nearly 100% of our graduates are accepted to college or university. At Robert Land Academy, we help boys realize their potential.

What We Do

MEDICINES - Physician

Robert Land Academy has a physician attending the school twice a week and two nurses who serve rotating shifts. Boys entering the Academy with prescriptions will have their medications administered by staff and monitored by medical professionals. In some cases, medications may be reduced or eliminated through the attending physician in collaboration with the student’s family.
As in the case with all prescription medications, parents are advised to be aware of possible side effects and to discuss these with their physician.

DIET - Healthy Diet

Many experts maintain that poor diet, irregular eating patterns, and certain foods contribute to ADHD symptoms. Robert Land Academy’s daily diet includes three wholesome meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, juice, milk, chicken, fish, non-processed foods and whole wheat bread. The diet eliminates chocolate, candy bars, soda pop, sugar-based drinks, and deep-fried foods. As maintained in Dr. Keith Conners’ book entitled Feeding the Brain: How Foods Affect Children, diet is not only important for healthy brain development but also affects behaviour and levels of hyperactivity.

DE-STIMULATION - Hyperstimulated

It has been shown that the use of video games, computers, electronic devices, some forms of music and television can result in a hyperstimulated state that makes concentration very difficult. Many parents note that when boys go to the cottage or attend a summer camp that their ADHD symptoms are substantially reduced or disappear. The elimination of electronic stimulation and the reorientation of the individual around natural biorhythms of rest, diet, exercise, and relaxation has profound effects on ADHD symptoms.

SLEEP - Eight Hours

Many boys do not get a full 8 hours of sleep each night due to sleep disorders, poor diet or the distraction of having ready access to smart phones, text messages, social media and the internet in their bedroom. It is obvious that insufficient sleep can have a dramatic effect on attention and academic performance and can contribute towards or exaggerate ADHD symptoms. Robert Land Academy’s program ensures that boys receive a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night.

EXERCISE - Fitness Program

All experts promote regular exercise as a part of any fitness program. Apart from promoting health and good circulation, exercise can have a very positive effect on ADHD symptoms. Diet and exercise have a profound effect on the metabolism and this, in turn, can have an effect on ADHD symptoms.

Academic Delivery for ADHD Students

Small Class Sizes

Average Class Sizes of Seven

Preferential Seating

Near to the teacher


Eliciting responses and participation

Assessment and Feedback

Regular testing and feedback maximizes progress

Highlighting Notes

Identify the main points of the lesson


Remove unnecessary stimulation


Discrete portions and testing

Academic Program

Robert Land Academy employs all of the above

Grade 5-8 Program

Our program for boys in grades 5 through 8 focuses on the preparation of boys to enter high school with the necessary personal and academic skills required for their future success.

Grade 9-10 Program

In grades 9 and 10 develops the individual’s level of personal maturity and fundamental academic skills while preparing him ultimately for senior level courses.

Grade 11-12 Program

Our program for boys in grades 11 & 12 focuses on successfully placing each student in a university or college program of their choice. Academic counselling provides knowledge of choices and options within a motivating, goal-oriented environment.

RLA - Triangle
RLA - Triangle


Here’s what the parent of a former student had to say about our ADHD school program.
“As a concerned parent, it was so disheartening to watch helplessly as Sean’s amazing potential evaporated in our modern, unstructured educational system….I am so proud of the effort Sean has put into all aspects of the RLA program and I am very happy for Sean because he is now experiencing healthy, positive success as a result of his positive efforts.”
Dr. T. McKay, parent
“Before he attended Robert Land, we saw a son who had little if any respect for either himself or his fellow-man. Now we see a son who believes in himself and who wants to get involved in the world. This is truly an amazing accomplishment in two short years.”
B. Busch, parent
“As a concerned parent, it was so disheartening to watch helplessly as Sean’s amazing potential evaporated in our modern, unstructured educational system….I am so proud of the effort Sean has put into all aspects of the RLA program and I am very happy for Sean because he is now experiencing healthy, positive success as a result of his positive efforts.”
Dr. T. McKay, parent

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Is your son bright, inquiring, energetic and testing the limits?

Sounds like a recipe for success to us.

What is a highly structured program?

Since 1978, Robert Land Academy has offered extensive academic remediation, small class sizes, monitored study halls, tutorials, and an active athletic program for boys. Utilizing the military school model provides the foundation of a structured and disciplined learning and living community with a focus on emotional, intellectual and social well-being.

How does the Academy avoid distractions?

Having a boys-only boarding school allows us to focus on their specific developmental needs and unique ways of learning. The military-inspired boarding school environment also allows for the elimination of the many distractions which are forever present in the home or traditional day school settings, including video games and personal electronic devices.

What is the Academy’s postsecondary enrolment?

The structured program at our school prepares boys for their future and helps them to achieve success by focusing on their strengths as they develop self-discipline. Students are challenged to achieve true potential, with 100% of our graduates over the past decade being placed in university or college programs.

RLA - Triangle
RLA - Triangle

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