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For students with ADHD, Robert Land Academy offers a proven alternative to the traditional school setting by delivering a structured, distraction-free environment and providing students with a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Introduction to ADHD

While benefiting all boys generally, Robert Land Academy’s program also specifically addresses the majority of the recognized approaches to constructively address students with ADHD.

A Structured, Holistic Approach

Looking at the acknowledged approaches in advocated special programs for ADHD students, it can be seen that Robert Land Academy incorporates all of the suggestions in what can only be described as a holistic approach to the problem. Experience over the years has shown that Robert Land Academy’s program works, and boys respond in an overwhelmingly successful manner.

RLA - High ropes course

Testimonials About RLA

Does This Sound Like Your Son?


He makes careless mistakes in school work and has difficulty paying attention to detail


He is easily distracted and may not listen when spoken to


He has difficulties with organization, planning ahead or finishing projects


He loses things needed for tasks such as assignments, homework, etc.


He often interrupts others, saying the wrong things at the wrong time


He has difficulty keeping emotions in check, often resulting in angry outbursts or temper tantrums


He constantly fidgets and has difficulty sitting still or playing quietly


He moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately

What We Do

MEDICINES - Physician

Robert Land Academy has a physician attending the school twice a week and two nurses who serve rotating shifts. Boys entering the Academy with prescriptions will have their medications administered by staff and monitored by medical professionals. In some cases, medications may be reduced or eliminated through the attending physician in collaboration with the student’s family.
As in the case with all prescription medications, parents are advised to be aware of possible side effects and to discuss these with their physician.

DIET - Healthy Diet

Many experts maintain that poor diet, irregular eating patterns, and certain foods contribute to ADHD symptoms. Robert Land Academy’s daily diet includes three wholesome meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, juice, milk, chicken, fish, non-processed foods and whole wheat bread. The diet eliminates chocolate, candy bars, soda pop, sugar-based drinks, and deep-fried foods. As maintained in Dr. Keith Conners’ book entitled Feeding the Brain: How Foods Affect Children, diet is not only important for healthy brain development but also affects behaviour and levels of hyperactivity.

DE-STIMULATION - Hyperstimulated

It has been shown that the use of video games, computers, electronic devices, some forms of music and television can result in a hyperstimulated state that makes concentration very difficult. Many parents note that when boys go to the cottage or attend a summer camp that their ADHD symptoms are substantially reduced or disappear. The elimination of electronic stimulation and the reorientation of the individual around natural biorhythms of rest, diet, exercise, and relaxation has profound effects on ADHD symptoms.

SLEEP - Eight Hours

Many boys do not get a full 8 hours of sleep each night due to sleep disorders, poor diet or the distraction of having ready access to smart phones, text messages, social media and the internet in their bedroom. It is obvious that insufficient sleep can have a dramatic effect on attention and academic performance and can contribute towards or exaggerate ADHD symptoms. Robert Land Academy’s program ensures that boys receive a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night.

EXERCISE - Fitness Program

All experts promote regular exercise as a part of any fitness program. Apart from promoting health and good circulation, exercise can have a very positive effect on ADHD symptoms. Diet and exercise have a profound effect on the metabolism and this, in turn, can have an effect on ADHD symptoms.

Academic Delivery for ADHD Students

Small Class Sizes

Average class sizes of seven

Preferential Seating

Near to the teacher


Eliciting responses and participation

Assessment and Feedback

Regular testing and feedback maximizes progress

Highlighting Notes

Identify the main points of the lesson


Remove unnecessary stimulation


Discrete portions and testing

Academic Program

Robert Land Academy employs all of the above

RLA - Triangle
RLA - Triangle


Here’s what the parent of a former student had to say about our ADHD school program.
“As a concerned parent, it was so disheartening to watch helplessly as Sean’s amazing potential evaporated in our modern, unstructured educational system….I am so proud of the effort Sean has put into all aspects of the RLA program and I am very happy for Sean because he is now experiencing healthy, positive success as a result of his positive efforts.”
Dr. T. McKay, parent
“Before he attended Robert Land, we saw a son who had little if any respect for either himself or his fellow-man. Now we see a son who believes in himself and who wants to get involved in the world. This is truly an amazing accomplishment in two short years.”
B. Busch, parent
“As a concerned parent, it was so disheartening to watch helplessly as Sean’s amazing potential evaporated in our modern, unstructured educational system….I am so proud of the effort Sean has put into all aspects of the RLA program and I am very happy for Sean because he is now experiencing healthy, positive success as a result of his positive efforts.”
Dr. T. McKay, parent

Testimonials From Parents

''We registered our son here this year during a global pandemic. The school has been absolutely wonderful in quelling any of our or our son’s concerns. We recently finished a Christmas break with our son home for three weeks. We saw amazing results after him having only been at the school for 4 months. He has matured and made great strides in managing his temper and communicating clearly and effectively rather than resulting in a huge fight. The journey isn’t over but we finally see a light at the end of our dark tunnel. I believe this school has changed the direction of our son’s life in an immeasurably positive way.''
Krista B (Parent, 2021)
Very Impressed! We were hesitant on sending our son to a private boarding school. We knew he would thrive with structure and routine. This was something we couldn’t give him at home. Robert Land Academy instilled the values of hard work, respect and perseverance in our son. Small classes with one on one instruction and mandatory study halls helped our son achieve higher grades and confidence. We knew he always had it in him.
Thomas S (Parent, 2021)
My son is currently in his third year at this school. It’s awesome. So glad we found this place! Lots of discipline, lots of structure for sure. But what I appreciate even more is the genuine care and concern for my boy that I sense from all the teachers and staff whenever I speak to them. They know boys and they are passionate about seeing boys develop and mature well. My boy has a lot of challenges and struggles. Many schools would have given up on him long ago. Not RLA. They willingly take on his challenges and, slowly but surely, we’re seeing some wonderful results. We’re not rich. Financially it’s been a struggle but this is money very well spent.
Karl T (Parent, 2020)
Our son attended RLA for 4 years. Each year we gave him the choice to return or not. He enthusiastically chose to return and graduated as an Ontario Scholar. His work ethic, study skills, and grades all improved, but more importantly he grew into a strong minded individual and is a great adult. There was a lot of tough love at RLA. When we and he reflect on those days, he would not trade it for anything. Any young man wanting or needing to be better than who he is today would greatly benefit from RLA. Will it be easy; NO. Will it be worth it; YES.
Doug D (Parent, 2020)

Robert Land Academy

provides a highly structured motivating program that helps boys to focus their energies and abilities in a constructive self-affirming manner free from the numerous distractions that so often confuse and distract them.
The program has demonstrated success for over 40 years and produced a proven track record of responding to the needs of boys as they navigate through the turbulence of adolescence. Though supportive of the needs of all boys, it has also shown itself to be highly effective in dealing with those diagnosed with some learning and behavioral disabilities including ADHD.
The Robert Land Academy program encourages the growth of self- confidence, self-regulation and self-determination. By regaining control of themselves, they are better able to identify and pursue goals and realize ambitions as they approach graduation and the prospect of adulthood.

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