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At Robert Land Academy, we use the military-model to provide a holistic education inspiring students to reach their academic, physical, and moral potential.

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About Us

Robert Land Academy is a Private Boys Military-Inspired School in Ontario, Canada.

”Robert Land Academy Instilled the Values of Hard Work, Respect and Perseverance in our Son”


You know:

Your son has potential

We know:

How to get him back on track

Grades 5 -8

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We know how to get your son to want to focus on what matters:  the personal and academic skills required for high school and future success.

Grades 9 -10

RLA - Intermediate Home 9-10
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In a structured environment, your son will see he can succeed and will embrace success.  Our program addresses fundamental academic skills while developing responsibility for team leadership and individual achievement.

Grades 11 -12

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Our senior program focuses on successfully placing every student in a university or college. It is a motivating, goal-oriented environment that fosters initiative.

Does This Sound Like Your Son?

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Spends Too Much Time On Devices?

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Academic Progress is Falling Behind?

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Needs Help With Literacy and Numeracy?

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He Is Easily Distracted and Lacks Focus?

Robert Land Academy Can Help

Literacy and Numeracy classes targeting any gaps, leading to rapid, sustained progress.

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One-to-one academic tutoring available during and after school hours seven days a week.

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Increased teacher attention. Average class size of 8 students.

Access to a registered psychotherapist for counselling, support and guidance.

Supervised academic study halls with qualified staff on hand to support and maintain learning.

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Reduced distractions. No social media, no video games and no cell phones.

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Our Vision

Robert Land Academy is a center of excellence in programming designed to develop boys into young men possessing the essential qualities of leadership, citizenship, and self-regulation in order to fully participate in and contribute to society. By emphasizing accountability and responsibility inherent in the military model of a highly structured living and learning environment, we will foster individuals with the self-discipline and confidence to achieve their academic, moral, and physical potential.

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Our Mission

Robert Land Academy will challenge students to reach their academic, moral, and physical potential through year-round programming on our Niagara campus in order to develop boys into young men who embody the five values of the Academy: commitment; courage; labour; loyalty; and honour.

Testimonials From Parents

''We registered our son here this year during a global pandemic. The school has been absolutely wonderful in quelling any of our or our son’s concerns. We recently finished a Christmas break with our son home for three weeks. We saw amazing results after him having only been at the school for 4 months. He has matured and made great strides in managing his temper and communicating clearly and effectively rather than resulting in a huge fight. The journey isn’t over but we finally see a light at the end of our dark tunnel. I believe this school has changed the direction of our son’s life in an immeasurably positive way.''
Krista B (Parent, 2021)
Very Impressed! We were hesitant on sending our son to a private boarding school. We knew he would thrive with structure and routine. This was something we couldn’t give him at home. Robert Land Academy instilled the values of hard work, respect and perseverance in our son. Small classes with one on one instruction and mandatory study halls helped our son achieve higher grades and confidence. We knew he always had it in him.
Thomas S (Parent, 2021)
My son is currently in his third year at this school. It’s awesome. So glad we found this place! Lots of discipline, lots of structure for sure. But what I appreciate even more is the genuine care and concern for my boy that I sense from all the teachers and staff whenever I speak to them. They know boys and they are passionate about seeing boys develop and mature well. My boy has a lot of challenges and struggles. Many schools would have given up on him long ago. Not RLA. They willingly take on his challenges and, slowly but surely, we’re seeing some wonderful results. We’re not rich. Financially it’s been a struggle but this is money very well spent.
Karl T (Parent, 2020)
Our son attended RLA for 4 years. Each year we gave him the choice to return or not. He enthusiastically chose to return and graduated as an Ontario Scholar. His work ethic, study skills, and grades all improved, but more importantly he grew into a strong minded individual and is a great adult. There was a lot of tough love at RLA. When we and he reflect on those days, he would not trade it for anything. Any young man wanting or needing to be better than who he is today would greatly benefit from RLA. Will it be easy; NO. Will it be worth it; YES.
Doug D (Parent, 2020)

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About The Academics

We offer a structured living and learning environment focussing on the needs of boys who are not achieving real success in the traditional school system or whose performance is not reflective of their abilities.

Robert Land Academy is a private school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers curriculum, instruction and resources that conform to Ministry standards and guidelines. Robert Land Academy grants credits towards the government issued Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.).

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Admissions for September 2023 are open for Canadian and International Students. Interviews are being conducted now.

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Robert Land Academy Graduates 2021

100% University Acceptance

Brock University – Queen’s University – Ryerson University – University of Toronto – University of Saskatchewan – University of Ottawa – Ontario Tech University – Geneva Business School – Carleton University – Wilfrid Laurier University – McMaster University – University of Waterloo

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Canada’s Military-Inspired Boys Boarding School At A Glance


Years of 100% Post-Secondary acceptance


Boarders. No Day Students


Distinct Programs. Grade 5-8, 9-10
And 11-12


Students On Roll


Acres Of Land In A Rural Setting


Cell Phones And No Computer Games

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Is your son bright, inquiring, energetic and testing the limits?

Sounds like a recipe for success to us.

What is a highly structured program?

Since 1978, Robert Land Academy has offered extensive academic remediation, small class sizes, monitored study halls, tutorials, and an active athletic program for boys. Utilizing the military school model provides the foundation of a structured and disciplined learning and living community with a focus on emotional, intellectual and social well-being.

How does the Academy avoid distractions?

Having a boys-only boarding school allows us to focus on their specific developmental needs and unique ways of learning. The military-inspired boarding school environment also allows for the elimination of the many distractions which are forever present in the home or traditional day school settings, including video games and personal electronic devices.

What is the Academy’s postsecondary enrolment?

The structured program at our school prepares boys for their future and helps them to achieve success by focusing on their strengths as they develop self-discipline. Students are challenged to achieve true potential, with 100% of our graduates over the past decade being placed in university or college programs.

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