Signature Project 2021-2022 – Science Lab

RLA - Signature Project 2021-22

The current science lab in Loyalist Hall was constructed as part of one the earliest buildings on the RLA campus. It has served hundreds of classes of chemistry, physics, and biology students. The lab facilities themselves have not been updated since the original construction. As modern technologies emerge, and new science curricula are developed, our students have a critical need for the understanding of science. Updating the current lab facilities will allow our science department to more fully meet the educational needs of the next generations of students and make science an exciting and engaging subject for all students.

This project will ensure that the new science classes are able to enjoy high quality science demonstrations and experiential learning in a safe, modern, and up to date laboratory environment. Many of our students develop better understanding of science concepts in a hands-on environment. Graduating science students will be better prepared for university science classes and the new lab facilities at RLA will ensure a smooth transition to university lab work.

From a teaching standpoint, the new lab construction will allow access to a wider range of experiments and allow teachers to carry out experiments and demonstrations that could not be completed safely in the old science lab. This in turn will develop interest and engagement in the subject material.

The many benefits of education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have been noted in several studies and publications. The benefits of STEM education include making students better problem solvers, innovators, inventors, self-reliant, logical thinkers, and technologically literate. Studies have shown that integrating math and science has a positive impact on student attitudes and interest in school, their motivation to learn, and achievement.

RLA teachers always provide the best academic programs to our students. A new science lab will enhance their ability to offer science students improved achievement in mathematics and science, increased awareness of engineering, understanding of and ability to do engineering design, and increased technological literacy.

The goal for the 2021-2022 Signature Campaign is to raise $150,000 to build a state-of-the-art science lab. RLA’s science department is currently working with Canadian Scientific Lab Systems to provide a proposal for a new lab. 

The major expenditure is for fixtures and lab benches as well as the infrastructure required such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC for fume hoods. While those items are not the most exciting to fundraise for, they are the foundation for a state-of-the-art science lab to provide exciting, experiential learning; a wide range of scientific experiments; and innovate technologies.

For $6,000 your donation can buy all the glassware needed. A donation of $10,500 will buy all of the microscopes for the new lab or supply all of the chemicals and equipment required.

RLA - Lab Costs Circle Chart

Your support of this project will help boys discover an interest in the sciences and reap the benefits STEM education provides. 

To make a donation to the 2021 Signature Campaign through the online site using your credit card, click on the Donate Now button above. CanadaHelps allows you to track your donations and print your own charitable tax receipts.

To make a donation by cheque, please write “Science Project” in the memo line and mail directly to Robert Land Academy, 6727 South Chippawa Rd, Wainfleet, ON   L0R 2J0.

To discuss other ways to make a donation, including recognition programs for major donors, please contact Sarah Whitaker at or by calling the school at 905-386-6203.

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