The Student Makeup Of The Academy


Since 1978, the Academy has been offering programs for boys to help them achieve the success that they haven’t been able to achieve through the traditional school system.

Student Body

Robert Land Academy enrols approximately 125 young men each year in grades 5 through 12. Approximately, eighty percent of the students come from Canada. The remaining twenty percent travel from the United States, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, The Caribbean and elsewhere around the globe.

Robert Land Academy attracts boys from around the world and therefore the student body represents a broad diversity of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Because of the intimate setting and the small student population, our students form strong friendships which last a lifetime.

In order to make an informed decision, prospective students of Robert Land Academy and their parents will have an opportunity to meet with some of the boys at the Academy during enrolment interviews and at the Parent Information Sessions held between September and June each year.

To provide a safe environment, boys in grades 5 through 8 have barracks (dormitories) and classrooms separate from the older students. Meals are served in the dining hall along with the older boys, however, the seating arrangement is by grade level such that the younger grades stay together.


Here’s some feedback from a former graduate who has gone on to achieve tremendous success.

“I attended Robert Land …. Now close to five years later, do I realize the positive effect that Robert Land has had on my life…I am now 20 and I am completing my degree in Religious Studies/Philosophy…I can safely say that RLA saved my life. Prior to attending your school I was on the fast track to nowhere. I am now finishing my degree and I will be enrolling in a Master of Divinity program at Huron College with the goal of entering the Anglican Priesthood. Much of my success I owe to RLA. Robert Land Academy helped me realize my potential, and has helped me make me who I am today…In a world of guilty bystanders who only wish to criticize our youth, you have decided to stand up and be counted and extend a hand to a generation that needs values, stability and leadership.”

A. Bourque, RLA graduate

Contact Us

Robert Land Academy welcomes all inquiries and will be happy to arrange an appointment for an admissions interview or a campus tour.

For further information, please call our Admissions Office at 905-386-6203.