Athletics & Adventure Training


Athletics emphasize the importance of team work, co-operation and spirit. Students are taught the theory of sports and recreational activities as well as the skills necessary to engage in them productively. Sports teams compete with area high schools in Zone II of SOSSA (Southern Ontario Secondary School Athletics). Varsity sports include basketball, wrestling, cross country, badminton and volleyball.  A host of intramural sports and activities are also available.

Adventure Training

Adventure Training challenges students to participate in a variety of exciting activities. Each year, students participate in the Fall Exercise, a 90 km march from the Academy grounds to the Brock Monument at Queenston Heights. On route, students are involved in small group initiative tasks that teach communication and problem-solving skills, area geography and history. Other adventure opportunities offered throughout the year include canoeing, martial arts, rock climbing, boxing, paintball, weight training, parachuting, scuba diving, mountain biking, and many other clubs and activities.


Outdoor experience and activities are an integral part of Robert Land Academy’s holistic programme. In this video, our junior grades (5 – 8) explore the outdoors during their year-end camping trip.