Each year, Robert Land Academy takes to the Niagara Escarpment for a three-day, military-inspired, 70km hike. Last year was no exception. Even with COVID-19 making life difficult, the Academy managed to go ahead and complete this amazing hike safely across the beautiful Bruce Trail.

The Academy is already making plans for Fall 2021.

If you would like to be part of this flagship event please contact the Academy. Maybe you are an alumnus looking to take on the challenge once again! Maybe you can assemble an alumnus team to challenge this year’s students. If you are interested in entering a team or sponsoring the event please get in touch.

To see what our boys experienced on their three-day adventure, take a few minutes to watch these breathtaking videos below:


Teams depart from Wellandport by bus, arriving at the start line, for what will be a 32km hike up and down the Niagara Escarpment, with elevation gains of 500 metres. Teams compete on speed, relying on correctly navigating the trail to avoid costly delays. After a hearty meal, and a good night’s sleep at the academy, it’s time for day two.


Day two starts on tired legs. Teams depart in reverse order, based on their performance on day one. Those first steps off the bus remind you of the previous day’s exertion. Ahead of you lies 22km of trail and the less arduous 90 metres of elevation gain, but you still have the ‘Never Ending Road’ to contend with leading to Fort George and the finish line for the timed section of the exercise. Day two often sees teams battling it out to arrive at the Fort first, before waiting for all the teams to make into the Fort. Then it’s time for yet another fine dinner, provided by Captain Ness and his team on-site at Fort George.


After sleeping in the barracks, at the historic Fort, breakfast is served early. It is then time to haul the cannon all the way to Queenston Heights along the Niagara Parkway, taking in the breathtaking views and Fall colours that Ontario has to offer. This is the final push on tired legs, and the entire academy works together to pull the cannon, before the parade held at Queenston Heights. It is here that students receive recognition of their efforts with the award of cadet berets to new boys who have worked hard to meet the standard. Then it is off to the Academy for a huge Thanksgiving feast in the mess hall.