FEBRUARY  ENROLLMENT – Help your son press “RESET” with a fresh start in a new school.

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Each year, boys start school with good intentions and a promise to set things straight and get back on course. Little by little as September passes to October, then November, December and onwards, it becomes clear that things are not where they should be and matters are spinning out of control. Self-confidence is undermined, anxiety and doubt take their place, and boys abandon hope giving up not only their school credits but increasingly on themselves.

In the world of video games, when the game is over you can press ‘RESET’ and start afresh. Wouldn’t life be great if we could do just that? Life often doesn’t offer second chances, but here is one for your son – an opportunity to go forward and never look back!

Consider a new start for your son where the opportunity exists to turn over a new leaf and where the structure, support, and encouragement that surrounds him provide fresh incentives, purpose and hope going forward. The programme offered by Robert Land Academy provides just that.

Located in Ontario’s Niagara Region, Robert Land Academy offers three distinct programs with an underlying military school theme, each sharing a different focus appropriate to age groups.

This highly structured, motivationally oriented private boarding school program is intended to change rather than accommodate behaviour and to establish in each student self-confidence and a realization of their potential. With a new semester beginning in September, the door is open to making a change for the better. A new opportunity! A new program! A new school environment! A FRESH START!

Limited admission opportunities in some grades exist for a fresh start in a new semester in February. This is an opportunity to turn things around and end the school year successfully. Rolling admission opportunities for students in grades 5 through 12 are also available.