Grade 5-8 Program

If the unique needs of your son are not being met by mainstream educational and therapeutic methods, consider a proven alternative that can get him back on track. Robert Land Academy – a military-inspired boys’ boarding school that provides a structured, engaging and distraction-free community that engenders positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement in ADHD characteristic boys that are otherwise being “left out” and “left behind”. Our program for boys in grades 5 through 8 focuses on the preparation of boys to enter high school with the necessary personal and academic skills required for their future success. It provides extensive remediation in the fundamental areas of literacy and mathematical reasoning within a stimulating environment. The courses offered are in accordance with guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Robert Land Academy is an inspected private school and is in receipt of the Ministry Board School Identification Number (BSID). The Academy has been in operation since 1978 and is a registered not-for-profit corporation. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

The Mainstream Educational System Works With Many Students But There Are Strong Indications That It Is Failing To Meet The Needs Of Boys

The overwhelming majority of students diagnosed with Learning Disabilities and behavioural concerns are males. Problems begin in junior school and rather than being addressed are often just pushed forward. The lack of structure and accountability in grades 1-8 create a recipe for disaster upon entry to high school. All of these issues have been greatly exacerbated by the no failure policies and guaranteed grade advancing in practice throughout Canada and most of North America.

For many bright little boys what is taught is uninteresting and the knowledge that they will be advanced regardless of effort provides little or no incentive for hard work. This lack of consequences does not sit well with the male temperament. The stress upon success while eliminating the prospect of failure has set the stage for promoting failure. The majority of boys entering high school are now entering Applied or Locally Developed math courses and as such are streamed from the outset with the result that they are excluded from many post-secondary options. This occurs not because of lack of ability but because of a lack of motivation. Would any intelligent boy out effort into something he feels to be unimportant and uninteresting when he gets nothing for it?

For many boys the disengagement from school begins in their earliest years and continues throughout high school with devastating results. The disengagement often afflicts boys of above average intelligence who are quick to assess circumstances in terms of immediate rewards and consequences. Living in the present and being allowed to by virtue of the elimination of accountability actually encourages this disengagement with often disastrous results.

The program for juniors at Robert Land Academy is intended to address these issues and prevent smart boys from outsmarting themselves. By providing a program specifically meeting boys needs and taking into account what is required to involve them in their own education, latent abilities and potential can be actualized rather than wasted. A firm foundation can be established for future success.




Does this sound like your son?

Video Games

He’s brilliant at video games, but can’t focus enough to do well at school.


He has difficulty concentrating on things that do not interest him

Attention to Detail

He rushes through work with little attention to detail.

Constantly Interrupts

He tends to have trouble working cooperatively with others, he blurts out answers or constantly interrupts.

Easily Distracted

He has difficulty staying on task, constantly fidgets and is easily distracted.


He is a victim.  It is hard for him.  He is shoved aside and not understood.


He is energetic, inquiring, testing authority and limits. (These are positive traits if properly directed.)

Robert Land Academy is the solution that uses a proven model and has proven results

The impacts on you and your family are immense. The failure of the conventional system puts undue burdens on you making it impossible for you to balance the demands of work, family, and daily routine. RLA provides a full-time environment that supports the family life you want to have with your son when he is home.

The Solution

Robert Land Academy is the solution that uses a proven model and has proven results

Robert Land Academy provides an all-encompassing program that can work for the unique needs of your son, and adapts him to succeed, not fail.

Over the past 40 years the Academy has been successfully proving that boys ADHD characteristicsboyscan be turned around – leveraging the underlying tendencies for success. If ongoing ADHD treatments of accommodation and prescribed drugs are proving to have limited or no effect, consider an alternative approach. Robert Land Academy provides a structured environment that is free of distractions and where ADHD tendencies can be harnessed to your son’s advantage. Positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement can be his.

At Robert Land Academy foundational courses target core areas of literacy and numeracy. Through the identification of actual grade-level performance, diagnostic testing, academic remediation and upgrading, and specific individualized programs, boys can master the academic requirements required for the successful completion of their courses of study.

Situated on 168 acres in the rural Niagara Peninsula, Robert Land Academy utilizes a military model to provide a positive structured environment for academics, fitness and social responsibilities. Robert Land Academy works for ADHD characteristic boys precisely because it is a self-contained environment where distractions are minimized. No other schools or programs offer this level of structure, clarity, and consistency – expectations are clearly set in this environment.

The Results

  • Improved Grades – small classes and personal attention.  The vast majority of students realize a dramatic increase in their first semester of enrolment
  • Improved Health – whole foods diet, exercise, and sleep
  • Improved Attitude – engaged, happy and the feeling of being included

Robert Land Academy is Unique

In addition to addressing boys’ academic challenges, Robert Land Academy provides a structured learning and living environment which focuses on:

  • Social Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Time Management
  • Self Discipline
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Self Confidence
  • Life Skills
  • Health and Fitness


Robert Land Academy is a complete program that contains all of the elements that in concert work to turn ADHD characteristics around. Without all of these elements the chance of success is greatly reduced:

  • Regular meals served at the same time each day with a balanced diet high in fruit, vegetables, and fiber, with no “junk food”, soda pop or fried foods
  • Regular routine which includes daily physical exercise and a full eight hours of sleep nightly
  • A rural setting to assist concentration and focus through the removal of the many distractions which include video games, television, personal computers, cell phones, smartphones and musical devices
  • A coaching approach to teaching intended to build self-confidence while retaining genuine challenge and achievement
  • “Chunking” of academic lessons, repetition of key points, regular testing, small classes, close personal attention, and varied teaching approaches and assessment methods
  • Supervised daily and weekend study halls in a quiet environment, additional tutorials and peer tutoring
  • Clearly defined rules within an environment that fosters success through positive reinforcement
  • A 24/7 highly structured program

Providing a Safe Environment

Boys in grades 5 through 8 have barracks (dormitories) and classrooms separate from the older students. Meals are served in the mess hall along with the older boys, however, the seating arrangement is by grade level such that the younger grades stay together. Situated in a rural setting, Robert Land Academy is isolated from the negative and threatening influences and distractions of an urban environment. A full-time Registered Nurse along with a consulting social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, sports therapist and medical doctor address the medical and counselling needs of students.

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