Why do we need your support?

Since 1978, Robert Land Academy has grown from its very humble beginnings of a converted farm and a few portable buildings to the facilities and program it offers today. This growth has been made possible through the generosity of the parent and alumni community, and the many other friends and supporters of Robert Land Academy. Tuition covers operating costs only and does not address the needs associated with capital upgrades, new equipment, facility, or scholarship funds.

Please consider supporting the mission of Robert Land Academy through our giving program. Whether it be a one-time gift or a structured monthly or annual giving commitment, your donation is warmly appreciated. Robert Land Academy is a not-for-profit charitable organization.  All cash donations are eligible for an official charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes. Robert Land Academy is currently fundraising for three major campaigns. Click on the links below to find out more about how these projects benefit our students and to make a donation.

Honourary Colonel Holiday Appeal

About Honorary Colonel Dr. Kevin McCormick

Kevin McCormick was appointed Honorary Colonel of Robert Land Academy in Fall 2021. He has an extensive history with the Canadian Armed Forces, and as an educator in the higher education sector. He was appointed Honorary Colonel of the Irish Regiment of Canada in November 2017. Prior to his current rank, he served six years as Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2nd Battalion, Irish Regiment of Canada. He is also President and Vice-Chancellor of Huntington University in Greater Sudbury.

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For further information on ways to give, including a bequest in a will, or a major gift, including information on donor recognition, please contact Robert Land Academy at swhitaker@rla.ca or 905-386-6203, ext 228.