Captian John Milliken

John Milliken has worked at Robert Land Academy since 1999 and has taught many different subjects and grade levels. For 10 years, he also served as Company Commander for Charlie Company. He is currently teaching Grade 11 and Grade 12 students in Chemistry, Accounting, Computer Science and Economics. In the distant past, he was one of the coaches of the RLA varsity hockey team and participated in the climbing, hockey, scuba and parachute clubs. For the last eight years he has been working with the school’s RCAC cadet corps in many different roles and is currently the Commanding Officer for 2968 RCACC. John lives in Fonthill, Ontario with his long suffering wife. His children have graduated from university and moved out, leaving the cats as the only household inhabitants preventing empty nest syndrome. John enjoys sports of all kinds, music, smoking meat and the great outdoors. When he is not marking tests and projects and planning lessons, John can be found practicing for his probable future careers as a barbecue chef and as a sommelier.