A Quick Snap Shot of the Academy


With over 40 years of working with boys, Robert Land Academy has developed a structured program that works.  Here’s a quick snapshot of our military-inspired boarding school.

How big is the school and where are you located?

Enrolment at Robert Land Academy is approximately 125 boys in residence.  Applications are received from across Canada, the United States, Europe and elsewhere around the globe.  The Academy is located in a country setting on 168 acres in the heart of the historic Niagara Peninsula, 60 minutes southwest of Toronto, Ontario and 50 minutes north of the U.S./Canada Border.

What adventure activities do you run at the Academy?

Boys are challenged with a wide array of adventure activities including scuba diving, parachute training, rock climbing, and canoeing.  Club activities include archery, music, model airplanes, and photography.

How do you support the students with their mental wellbeing?

The Academy provides a wealth of support for the students including weekly life skills/one-2-one sessions led by our Academy Padre, psychological counselling service led by Dr Wong (details below) and regular opportunities to discuss concerns and issues within their section meetings.

(Dr. Jeffrey Wong, C.Psych., graduated from York University with his Ph.D. in Clinical-Developmental Psychology based at 345 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1J5)

What academics do you offer?

The Academy offers classes from grade 5 through to Grade 12.  Our caring and dedicated faculty and staff are employed to provide all aspects of cadet training on a 24-hour basis.  Consistent personal attention, mandatory study halls, regular tutorials and weekend academic programming all converge to provide a highly motivational learning environment. All courses assume that students intend to attend university or college. Students entering from streamed programs are destreamed in order to maximize post-secondary options. Find out more

What is typical day for a student?

Boys live in barracks-style dorms.  On a typical day, boys rise at 6:30 am and lights out are at 9:45 pm.  Classes are held from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with evening classes offered for grade 9 and 10 students and a credit physical education course offered on weekends.  Each boy is required to participate in extracurricular activities, designed to develop physical strength, leadership, and a sense of self-worth.  Boys return home approximately once a month for a four day weekend and may apply for additional leaves if their effort warrants extra privileges.

Who is the typical applicant?

Boys are admitted to Robert Land Academy based upon their potential rather than their past. They are typically of above average intelligence but with marks that do not reflect their ability. They tend to have difficulty or be unwilling to concentrate on things that do not interest them and assume that they will enjoy the living standard by their parents as adults regardless of their effort. Some boys demonstrate characteristics of ADD, ADHD, ODD, DCD or LD.

Is the school inspected?

Robert Land Academy is an inspected private school and is in receipt of a Ministry of Education (Ontario) Board School Identification Number (BSID).  The Academy is authorized by the Ministry to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  This diploma is issued by the government and is recognized worldwide.

What athletics are there?

The sports program teaches the value of fitness, endurance, teamwork, self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence. The Academy offers a wide range of activities some of which are rarely found in other private schools. Varsity sports teams compete with other area secondary schools. See our athletics page.

Are you with the Cadet Corps?

Robert Land Academy sponsors a Royal Canadian (Army) Cadet Corps (RCACC #2968), which is operated as a club. Participation is purely voluntary.