Alumni Committee

Paul  Vrana

Attended the Academy:1983-85

Paul came to Robert Land in the fall of 1983 with issues of low self-esteem and failing grades. Over the next two years, he embraced the school’s culture, rising through the ranks with a marked change in his academic success. Paul graduated in the Summer of 1985 and was the academy’s head boy and went on to post-secondary obtaining a college diploma, university degree and later a master’s degree in education. Paul has had two main careers, one in business the other in education and has entrepreneurial experience in both real estate (acquisition/rental) and international business.


Charles Nicholls

Attended the Academy:1998-2002

Charles came to RLA in the fall of 1998 with family and many behavioural issues at the forefront of his first year. While at the Academy, although not an outstanding student/cadet, became a fixture in the Academy’s band as Drum Major and Head Table server over the course of the 4 years he attended.

When he left in February 2002, Charles embarked on a journey of hardship that saw him come full circle in the fall of 2019. After the events of the last 2 years, he graduated from Algonquin College with Honours as an HVAC Technician and is now under an Apprenticeship. He is the Alumni Committee Communications Member and is excited to welcome all Old Boys who are joining The Alumni Brotherhood.

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